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Guide Writing a staff application

Discussion in 'Archived Guides' started by Shepdog9, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Shepdog9

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    Feb 25, 2018
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    Hello Heroes & Villains,

    Below I am going to tell you some tips when writing a staff application. I have seen quite a few of these guides, so just want to sum it up in one guide so you guys dont have to go through them all.

    Minimum Requirements
    Before you apply for staff and when you are writing your application you need to make sure you meet these requirements:
    1) Have Discord
    2) Application with 450+ words
    3) No valid bans or too many other punishments in last 30d
    4) Cannot be toxic
    5) Haven't applied in the last 30d
    6) Need to have a youtube channel set up for posting staff evidence
    7) Need to be mature
    8) Good to have a mic but not compulsory
    9) Must be 14 years old or older

    Don't put random things
    Putting random things in your application not linked to staff in any way or things like "I am going to ban hackers" to boost word count isn't going to help at all. Base everything off of something that is relevant to staff and not something like the commonly used phrase above about banning hackers.

    What you can bring to the staff team and the server as a whole
    Talk about what you can bring to the server because that shows what you are willing to do as a staff member and give an indication on how you would be as a staff member.

    Don't lie
    If you lie in your app, majority of the time it will get found and will lead to denial of your application which you do not want.

    If you have experience then by all means include that, however dont break any rules while putting it in there.

    In your application sometimes its best to leave abbreviations out of it because it looks unprofessional.

    Make sure your application isn't all over the place. By that I mean make it flow from one thing into another. Don't have big chunks of writing which is hard to read because it isn't the best, and doesn't look professional.

    Why you want to be staff
    This kind of links into what you can bring to the server, however put what has made you make this app. Basically why you are doing this in the first place.

    Copying Applications
    This is something that you really shouldn't do, if you get caught copying an application you can get denied.

    Help & be active
    If you are active and help like a staff would, this could really help you. This basically shows that you have what it takes to be a staff member, dont include this in your application of course. Dont act stupidly either because even though you aren't staff, you can seriously affect people opinions about you being a staff member. Also being active on discord and forums is good too. However don't help just because of staff, a rank shouldn't mean whether you can help someone or not.

    Quality not quantity
    Try go for quality of your app rather than quantity, the amount of words that you write means nothing f it is all random, this kind of links into the organisation. Make everything relevant and make sure you don't end up repeating yourself.

    Once made dont ask people to look
    If you ask people to look at your app, you have a high chance of being denied as it isn't a true interpretation of what people think about your app, people can just be lying cause you are bribing them.

    Dont stress over your application
    Once you've applied, there is a chance not everyone will like you so you may get negative feedback. Just if it isn't irrelevant ignore it or work on it if it is relevant. Also if your application gets denied its not the end of the world, you will be able to apply after 30d.

    You could maybe add a scenario or two but don't add them to boost your word count & be mature! Don't forget to check out this too

    I hope this guide is useful, If there is any changes needed Please comment below and tell me,


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    so this is the 'better guide' you archived the others for, eh?

  3. Shepdog9

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    Feb 25, 2018
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    No, this explains the information which isn't already explained in the other two guides. Between the 3 guides (4 inc Clouds) display all the information what was in the others plus more. The ones I archived repeatedly said things that weren't relevant anymore meaning the info was wrong, or shared most of the same things, so I compiled it into one. There was about 10 helper application guides, which also if it was all in one place, or a couple of places rather than 10 it would be easier to take tips from. Those are the main reasons. As i say it wasn't that they weren't good, its that they seemed to repeat themselves, some using different wording but still ended up saying the same thing.
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    it is
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    all these colors are cool. its like a firework show for my face/brain/toes. Very cool ty 10/10
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    Outdated Guide.