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Event The First Towny World Fair!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Omegahh, Jul 28, 2018.

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    Nov 11, 2017
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    Hello, Arkham Community!

    I am KingOmegahh, creator of the Towny Entertainment Group, which produces the Towny Honors Awards, and the Towny News Network and I am here to announce the First Towny World Fair! This event was announced at the Fourth Towny Honors Awards and was also announced on the forums a while back but this is the official forum post about the event. The First Towny World Fair is an event to bring together Towny and hopefully some of the players from other games in a celebration in which it's goal is to bring in new players to Towny and help get some towns new citizens! Everyone from all throughout the server is invited.

    Date: Sunday, August 12th to Saturday, August 18th.


    -Towns will claim a plot in the Towny World Fair Complex in Strathford. There is 13 plots. 6 16x16 plots and 4 32x16 plots. Towns will be able to claim one of these plots only according to the rules below.

    -Each town will reserve a time slots to host a panel with Town Officials to discuss what their town is about.

    -The Opening Ceremony will be on Sunday, August 12th at 5pm Eastern Standard Time.

    -Towns must build a structure that represents their town's style.

    -The event only runs from 12pm to 8pm Eastern each day.

    -The 32x16 plots are only available for towns that have 20 citizens and over. 16x16 plots are only for small towns (below 20 citizens).

    -All town officials that are participating in the event must attend the opening ceremony.

    -Towns must claim their plot by Friday, August 10th.

    -Towns must be in charge of their plot.

    -Only towns are in charge of opening and closing their plot.

    Please contact me in the game for any further information.
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