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Skyblock Reset 11th July 4PM EST

Discussion in 'Server Announcements' started by Markoo, Jun 28, 2020.

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    Hello Heroes and Villains!

    We are proud to announce that Skyblock will be revamped on Saturday, July 11th at 4:00 PM EST!
    (Use this to convert the above time to your own timezone.)

    NOTE: The current Skyblock will be replaced by the revamped version meaning that all progress on the old Skyblock will be lost.

    Myself and the team have been working hard to improve the current skyblock map and set us up for future success and content. We've had time to reflect on what has worked and what has not this season. There will be new content, returning features, as well as balances and changes.

    We've learnt a lot over the past couple of weeks and have been working to bring new gameplay and content as well as work on the current one. Many of you have brought up that the current skyblock is tedious and have decided to do a lot of the changes based around this, revamping progression, challenges, the economy, crates and island upgrades! We've also aimed to reward those who grind and push themselves further than other teams!

    As the map goes on we will release already planned features so make sure to look out for those, they're going to be exciting :)

    ~ Payouts ~
    We all love free money! Each week the top 3 islands will receive buycraft payouts this Skyblock Map. The following amounts will be given out to the Islands Leader:
    Island Top #1 - $75 Buycraft
    Island Top #2 - $50 Buycraft
    Island Top #3 - $25 Buycraft

    ~ Key Features ~

    Cobble Cubes
    Cobble gens have been vastly changed since the last map! Players will be able to earn and purchase differently sized cobble cubes and upgrade the speed, the ore quality, auto mining and more! You can also pick them up and trade fully upgraded cobble cubes!

    Farming and Spawner Progression
    Last season every player would start off with the same crops and would have to unlock crops one by one followed by spawners. This made grinding tedious and early game unenjoyable and not rewarding enough. For this season we've decided to switch it up and have spawners and farming as two completely separate things. Players can complete challenges and unlock discounts for spawners and sell boosters for crops!

    Brand New Challenges and Rewards
    Each island will have challenges that they can complete in order to gain points to upgrade their island with. Since then the challenges have been reworked to be parts of the game players would otherwise grind, removing the unnecessary challenges that did not benefit you at all. The rewards have also been changed to give you an exact amount of island points, its no longer up to luck to whether you can upgrade your island fully!

    Daily Rotations

    Every day a different crop or mob drop will have its sell price boosted making it so that players will have to change their grinders and go for the best crop they can that day to make the most of it!

    Boosters have found their way onto Skyblock! You will be able to boost soul shards, money, xp as well as spawn rates for the entire server! Every player will be able to have the effects of these boosters enabled​

    You can now trade various items at each other's islands with ChestShops! These let you exchange blocks/items for money.

    Island Levelling
    Island levelling will no longer be purely based on the blocks you have placed down. It will count how much grinding your island has done as a whole too, each mob kill as well as crop will award a certain amount of points, awarding those who grind more.

    Eco Changes
    The eco has been made much more balanced and made to reward those that grind compared to last season.

    ~ Additional Features ~

    Soul Shards
    Soul Shards are items that will drop from mobs when killed, soul shards can be traded and there will be an exclusive shop for them, allowing players to buy that would not be purchasable in the in-game shop otherwise.​

    Printer will be making a return. You won't need to hand place every block for that awesome build you stole from someone you can just /printer it in!

    Sell Wands
    A useful tool that will help you sell every item in a storage unit with a single right-click. There will also be a version that works with Deep Storage Units!

    Craft Wands

    A useful tool that will help you craft ingots and nuggets into blocks in a storage unit with a single right-click. These have been updated to work with Deep Storage Units too now.

    ~ Recurring Features ~
    Harvester Sell Tool
    Crop Hopper
    Mob Hopper
    Ore Hopper
    Deep Storage Units
    Replanter Tool

    ~ Updates and Bug Fixes ~
    World Borders now show
    Craft wands work with DSUs
    Craft wands no longer throw permission issues
    Fixed mob stacker reducing spawn rates
    Spawner booster mods from island upgrades function correctly
    Fixed a couple of issues with harvester sell tools
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    good job on manager again markoo
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