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[Prison] Buff Envoys

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Phoenix_777, Aug 26, 2020.


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  1. Phoenix_777

    Phoenix_777 Flamingo

    Jul 22, 2016
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    Which area of the network are you making this suggestion for?

    What is the general essence or basic idea of your suggestion?
    Buff Envoys, add better or new loot.

    Elaborate on your suggestion in detail
    Currently the envoys aren't particularly great, I've heard that the rewards are based on the prestige of who ever is claiming but the rewards just aren't that great. I don't expect the rewards to advance you light years through the game but most of the rewards aren't all that beneficial. For the most part people hope for minion keys or envoy flares.

    What are the pros and cons of implementing this suggestion?
    The pro's of this suggestion are primarily that the final envoy actually becomes worth fighting for, which is likely the main point of this event, as of right now, the envoy mostly goes uncontested.
    The con's are potentially that arkham loses a bit of money cause someone got a couple extra minion keys from the envoy instead of having to buy them.

    Any additional details, previews, videos, screenshots or links related to your suggestion