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Guide How to be come helper (very original tips)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Iron_Kevin, Jul 5, 2020.

  1. Iron_Kevin

    Iron_Kevin Batman

    Feb 10, 2019
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    hi guys

    here how to become helper

    1. trust yourself.
    2. just do a detailed apply, non-detailed apply's are just trash. we dont talk about that here. just make an apply with atleast 500 words, I once made an apply with 1 million (1.000.000 for the non-schooled people)
    3. lie always about your age if youre under 14, yes it worked, you will only recieve a strike (i dont know if this limit still exist?) but if you dont lie, you wont be accepted.
    4. pay everyone money, people will vote for you. iron_kevin4president and legend are some things i heard after i gave people money.
    5. use punctuation in every message you use if you want to become helper so you show that youre professional.
    6. follow the requirements (expect of the ''being honest'' requirement, go to point 3.). You get more chance to become a helper if you follow that damn requirements, they don't exist for the sake of toilet.
    7. you are expected to have a mic for the mentoring session.
    8. ok, dont eat when youre accepted, i had a diner when i got acceptance message on discord

    Last things of being helper.

    most people trust you in deals and give you item first so you dont need to be scared of scammers
    most staff is very friendly, the staff dc is amazing. (i dont give details, or otherwise staff will hate me)
    most people remember you after the demote..


    toxic people are annoying the chat
    you are the traitor of the server
    people will hate you because of punishments
    you need to wait weeks to know if youre accepted.
    you cant stay afk
    it isn't allowed to even say ''this server is pretty dead rn''
  2. kemeticsand

    kemeticsand Flamingo

    Jun 25, 2020
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    don't forget to not go on your alt to break the rules instead of using your main for that, brian best staff but my man lost his job because this