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Hacked Clients: How to spot a hacker.

Discussion in 'Report & Appeal Guides' started by War, Aug 7, 2017.

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  1. War

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    Mar 7, 2016
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    Hey, Heroes and Villains.
    I'm here to update you all on how to correctly spot someone using a hacked client and explain what the hacks do to better spot them. This was filmed only for demonstration purposes, everything shown is considered a bannable offense and you will receive a 15 day or permanent ban if you are caught with these hacks. If you have questions, please contact me or any other staff member and we'll answer your queries.

    • KillAura/TriggerBot
      Will hit at impossible speeds automatically all around the player when a player or mob is within the hit radius.
    • Velocity/Anti-Knockback
      The player does not take any knock back at all meaning they don’t move when you hit them with anything. On some clients, they're able to reduce the knockback they take.
    • Aimbot
      Automatically Alines the target within their crosshair
    • Criticals
      Automatically jumping when attacking an entity, making Criticals to the target player. May be in full jumps or in small little jumps.
    • Auto Pot/Soup
      Automatically using the pots/soups when they’re low.In the video, he is constantly hitting me and is still throwing potions to heal him self.

    • Auto Armor
      Armor will be automatically equipped, better armor will replace the old piece.

    • Speed/Bunny hop
      Increasing regular speed. There are multiple forms of this, the most common one is bunny hop as shown in the video.

    • NoSlowdown
      Very self-explanatory allows the player to sprint or walk without slowing down while eating, drinking pots etc.

    • Scaffold
      This gives the players the ability to walk across an open space while automatically placing blocks.

    • Jesus
      Literally being able to walk on top of the water.
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