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Guide Guide To Being Liked By Other Players.

Discussion in 'Guides' started by DarkTimes, May 15, 2020.

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    May 19, 2018
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    ~Hello Everyone,
    ~Are you hated by many players and anytime you try to talk to someone, they ignore you?
    ~Well, that's probably because you're an incel!
    ~But seriously, I'm gonna give anyone reading this some tips and situations for how to not be hated.

    TIP #1
    Don't be a loudmouth
    No one likes an annoying loudmouth who doesn't when to shut up. If you really want people to like you, you will know when to keep quiet and not talk to people. If 2-4 other people are having a conversation, you stay out! Unless however, they bring you into it. Otherwise... Stay out! Down below I'll give a question to see if you understand what I just said.

    Q1: Two people are talking about how much they dislike this new bug on the server. Do you...
    A: Ask them about the bug and what it does?
    B: Tell them you saw the bug too, and how much you hate it.
    C: Ignore their conversation and continue on like it didn't happen.

    C. C is the correct answer, You IGNORE It.

    Tip #2

    Don't beg for anything. That means ANYTHING.
    Never ask anyone for anything. Especially don't beg for it. If you see someone who worked hard to obtain something, why would they give it to you for free? Don't even bother asking, and for sure don't ask the whole server in chat for something. Here will be another question to see if you understand...

    Q2: Someone is selling something in chat, you message a friend because you are broke, do you...
    A: Ask them for the money to buy it and tell them you'll pay them back
    B: Decide not to ask them and don't buy it.
    C: Message the seller to hold onto it for you until you ask your friend for money...

    B. B is the correct answer, You DONT DO IT.

    Tip #3
    Make sure you are on every day. Or at least almost every day.
    If you aren't on every day then people will eventually forget who you are and find someone else to talk to. You have to make sure you stay fresh in people's minds by making sure they know who you are. But don't be obnoxious about it. Be cool... and chill... Here's another Question.

    Q3: You’re friend tells you to get on and grind some gang levels for prison. Do you..
    A: Get on and grind some gang levels to create a positive relationship with this guy.
    B: You tell him to go eat horse poop and leave him.
    C: Tell him you’ll be on tomorrow because today you have your grandmamas barrial.

    A. A is the correct answer, You GET ON!

    Tip #4
    Do NOT give people gifts.
    If you are giving away gifts you will appear as weak. You will be someone’s batch who they intend to take gifts from everyday. Do NOT do this. It’s the best way to not make friends, but make fake friends. I need you to 100% understand this so here’s a question.

    Q4: Someone claims to be a new player and needs some quick items, do you...
    A: Give then a couple items and tell them to have a good day.
    B: Message them and tell them if they were next to you, they’d smell like a rabid goat.
    C: Ignore the message and continue gaming.

    C. C is the correct answer. CONTINUE GAMING.
    Do not give out these free gifts.

    Thank you for reading this, if you actually did, I hope you enjoyed this and we’re able to make some new friends. Peace out monkeys
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    Aug 7, 2015
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    I’ll do this right after my mute for racism expires