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Discussion in 'Rules' started by NETGEAR33, Jun 30, 2020.

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    ArkhamNetwork Forum Rules

    The following are the official forum rules for ArkhamNetwork, with each respective punishment listed below in red. You may sometimes receive an optional, automatically generated, pre-typed forum conversation notifying you when you get warned by a staff member.
    Accumulating more than 8 warning points results in an automatic 1 week forum ban. Accumulating more than 18 warning points results in an automatic ban until your warning points drop back below 18.
    If you see forum users breaking these rules, feel free to tag or inform a staff member who is active on the forums, preferably a Mod+ who can warn.

    Warnable Offences

    Advertising is not allowed.
    Any form of advertising is not allowed. This includes non-Serayne owned servers' IPs, forums & buycraft stores, other webstores, scam links, phishing sites and malware sites.
    | 18 permanent warning points + posts removed |

    Excessive trolling or toxicity is not allowed.
    Trolling continuously, being toxic continuously or disrupting the forums is not allowed. Excessive fake applications and malicious impersonation fall under this rule.
    | 18 permanent warning points (May remove posts) |

    Ban evading is not allowed.
    Coming online with another forum account while your main account is banned, for a purpose other than appealing a ban, is not allowed. You can discuss forum bans at From there, the situation will be sorted out.
    | 18 permanent warning points given to alt |

    Hacking, DDoSing or DOXing is not allowed.
    Hacking into others' forum accounts, DDoSing them or leaking their personal information on the forums is not allowed.
    | 18 permanent warning points |

    Racism or sexism is not allowed.
    Using racial slurs falls under this rule.
    | 6 warning points lasting 2 months |

    Disrespectful or inappropriate content not allowed.
    Anything that disrespects, bullies or offends others to a large extent is not allowed. Joking about this not allowed either.
    | 4 warning points lasting 1 month |

    Excessive swearing is not allowed.
    | 4 warning points lasting 2 weeks |

    Post farming is not allowed.
    Posting more than 2 very short or pointless posts, less than 24 hours apart, is not allowed. The posts will be removed.
    | 3 warning points lasting 3 weeks + removal of posts |

    Dislike spamming is not allowed.
    Disliking more than 4 of one user’s posts, less than 24 hours apart, is not allowed. You will be warned for each user you do this to.
    | 3 warning points lasting 3 weeks (May remove ratings) |

    Excessive bumping is not allowed.
    Bumping your own thread more than once is not allowed.
    | 2 warning points lasting 2 weeks (May remove posts) |

    Necroposting/gravedigging is not allowed.
    Posting on a thread where the last post was more than 20 days old is not allowed. Leniency will likely be shown if the content is still relevant, or if the post was to provide meaningful feedback, ask legitimate questions, give actual opinions or for an understandable reason. Marketplace & recruitment threads will be archived after 10 days. Necroposts on guides & suggestions will be removed after punishment.
    | 2 warning points lasting 2 weeks + thread will be locked |

    Double posting is not allowed.
    Posting two or more posts in a row on any public thread is not allowed. Simply use the edit button.
    | 1 warning point lasting 1 week + posts merged |

    Non-Warnable Offences

    Plagiarising is not allowed. Copying guides from elsewhere and posting them here as your own falls under this rule.
    Requesting Locks
    Only the thread owner can request that their own thread be locked. You cannot request that staff lock someone else's thread. However, you may tag staff to handle a situation if a rule has been broken.
    Leaving Threads
    Threads announcing that you are leaving the server are not allowed.
    Sensitive Information
    Posting sensitive or personal information of yours is not allowed. Posting proof of hitting 90 votes for your vote voucher publicly falls under this rule.
    Non-Arkham Videos
    Videos that are not regarding Arkham are not allowed. Arkham videos may only be posted under the YouTube section of the forums.
    Encouraging Rule Breaking
    Content encouraging or asking others to break any of Arkham's rules are not allowed. Threads encouraging forum users to spam pointless replies fall under this rule.
    Support Thread Queries
    Only staff may ask if the OP has any other queries on support threads, as archiving them requires the question to be asked at the appropriate time.
    Spam, "test" posts, useless, duplicate or pointless content is not allowed. Spamming others, be it on their threads, profiles or in forum conversations is not allowed.
    Toxic content is not allowed.
    | Content removed |

    Excessive character spam is not allowed.
    Light Advertising
    Accidentally mentioning a non-Serayne owned server's name or asking if others wish to join another server falls under this rule. Attempting to refer to a server by calling them by similar name also falls under this rule.
    | Content edited out |

    Staff Issues
    Content about staff abusing is not allowed. Instead, bring it up to a JrAdmin+ in a forum conversation.
    Flame Wars
    Starting, instigating, fueling or taking part in flame wars is not allowed.
    | Thread locked |
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