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Discord Rules

Discussion in 'Rules' started by bombies, Jun 11, 2020.

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    The following are the official discord rules for Arkham Network, with each respective punishment listed below in red, increasing in severity with every same offence committed (once the last punishment is reached if any more offences are committed that punishment will be repeated.).


    Advertising is not allowed.
    Any form of advertising is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to; non-Serayne owned servers' IPs, discords (Gang discords are ONLY allowed to be sent in #recruitment), scam links, phishing sites and malware sites also fall under this rule.

    1st Offense: Perm Ban

    Players caught trading in-game items for PayPal, CS:GO items and Minecraft accounts, or any other account type, OR trading in-game items, or Minecraft accounts, for anything from a third party external source will now be punished as follows:
    As said, trading anything on ArkhamNetwork for anything from another game, website or anywhere apart from one of Serayne92’s servers is not allowed.
    Note: You also cannot use Arkham as a platform to sell goods, services, or anything else not related to the server. This will result in the same punishment.

    1st Offense: Perm Ban

    Hacking, DDoSing, Posting someone's picture without permission or DOXing another user is not allowed.
    Sending someone's picture via an emote without permission is also considered DOXing
    Threatening to do so is not allowed either.
    Permission must always be asked before sending someone’s picture in our discord. If consent is not given and you proceed to send someone’s picture it will be classified as DOXing and you will be punished accordingly
    1st Offense: Perm Ban

    Supporting child pornography or making inappropriate jokes about the topic, in any way, is not allowed.
    1st Offense: Perm Ban

    Abusing Tickets
    Misusing the ticket bot to waste staff member’s time (only make tickets if you have a serious issue that staff can assist you with) or falsifying evidence and attempting to get something you never had through a ticket (This also falls under the manipulation rule).
    1st Offense: Warn
    2nd Offense: Blacklist From Making Tickets

    Playing inappropriate songs via the Rythm Music bots is not allowed.
    1st Offense: 1d Mute

    Abusing the voice-com is not allowed.
    Rapidly joining and leaving a channel for the sole purpose of setting off the voice-com falls under this rule.
    1st Offense: 1h Ban
    2nd Offense: 1d Ban

    Any form of manipulation is not allowed.
    Finding loopholes in the rules, impersonating others with malicious intent or excessively, trolling staff, reporting others with spoofed evidence, or attempting to get players in trouble falls under this rule.
    1st Offense: 7d Ban
    2nd Offense: 14d Ban

    3rd Offense: Perm Ban

    Having an inappropriate discord username or avatar is not allowed.
    Any offensive, disrespectful, flooding chat or racist discord username/ avatar falls under this rule. No appeals will be accepted until your discord name/ avatar is changed.
    1st Offense: Kick
    2nd Offense: Perm Ban (Appeal When Changed)

    Posting inappropriate links/images/emotes is not allowed.
    This includes links or images that include disturbing, frightening, offensive or pornographic content.
    1st Offence: 3d Mute
    2nd Offence: 7d Mute

    3rd Offence: 14d Mute

    Social Media Advertising is not allowed
    Sending links to your social media or telling people the name of your social media accounts in our discord (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok etc..). For example, saying “Follow me on twitter @TwitterHandle” is not allowed.
    1st Offense: Warn
    2nd Offense: 6h Mute

    3rd Offense: 1d Mute

    Racism, homophobia and transphobia in any way, shape or form is not allowed
    Being racist in the form of a picture, emoticon or plain text is strictly disallowed.
    1st Offense: 1h Mute
    2nd Offense: 1d Mute

    3rd Offense: 1w Mute

    Harassment, bullying, disrespect and excessive swearing are not allowed.
    This includes death threats and the harming of oneself or others.
    1st Offense: 30m Mute
    2nd Offense: 1h Mute

    3rd Offense: 1d Mute

    Spamming and flooding are not allowed.
    Sending the same or similar message, bot command or repeatedly tagging the same user (including staff) in a short period of time falls under this rule. Tagging one player too much in one message will be classified as flood.
    1st Offense: Warn
    2nd Offense: 15m Mute
    3rd Offense: 30m Mute

    4th Offense: 1h Mute

    Troll Suggestions
    Misusing the suggestions bot to waste staff member's time (only create suggestions for actual features you want to be implemented).
    1st Offense: Kick
    2nd Offense: 1d Ban

    3rd Offense: 3d Ban

    Inappropriate Streams
    Using the discord streaming feature to stream inappropriate content.
    These include but not limited to pornographic content, streaming with a hacked client on, streaming screamers/disturbing pictures or videos and so on and so forth.
    1st Offense: Kick
    2nd Offense: 1d Ban
    3rd Offense: 3d Ban

    Mass/Spam Tagging
    Tagging many users (10 or more people) at once or spam tagging a user (3 or more tags within 1 minute). If you have the person's consent and don't also break the spamming rules, then you are allowed to do this.
    1st Offense: 1h Mute
    2nd Offense: 1d Mute

    3rd Offense: 1d Ban

    ***Rules are subject to change at any time, and punishments may vary. Continuous rule breaking will result in you being PERMANENTLY banned from the discord. All punishments are subject to the management team and what you are punished for may not be on this list***

    ***If you have any questions about the rules, please contact any of the staff members***

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