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Denied Report... Wondering why?

Discussion in 'Report & Appeal Guides' started by Dragon, May 4, 2018.

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  1. Dragon

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    Mar 26, 2016
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    Hey Heroes & Villains!

    If you are wondering why your Player Report(s) can be denied, below is a list of all the up-to-date reasons why a Report can be denied. It is mainly a list which was compiled by Cloud, however I have modified it to be a public version.

    So, Why Can Your Report Be Denied?
    ❖ You are reporting a non-reportable offence.
    ✯ The punishment would've resulted in a mute of duration 1 hour or less/ a kick/ a warn.
    • Contact a /staff member in-game in these events.
    ❖ The rule breaker has already been punished.
    ✯ For the offence being reported.
    ✯ With a harsher punishment, for breaking a different rule.
    ❖ The evidence was insufficient. (Incl. the following):
    ✯ No rule was being broken.
    ✯ Faked.
    ✯ Unclear, choppy, taken down or set as private.
    ✯ Cropped.
    ✯ A screenshot depicting a form of spam and doesn't have timestamps.
    ✯ The user's real/full IGN was not depicted.
    • If the user has a nickname, get /realname evidence to further validate your claims.​

    ❖ You have submitted a duplicate report.​

    ❖ You are just submitting a troll report(s).
    • Doing so excessively is punishable as per the forum rules.
    ❖ You have reported a staff member for abuse.
    • Instead, contact an Admin+ via a Forums conversion or Discord.
    ❖ You have written the report in broken English, and it can not be comprehended.
    • Use Google Translator to help if you are having troubles.​

    ❖ The rule is not being broken in-game on Arkham.

    Key Information
    By quickly doing the following, you are aiding the process in having your report sorted in an efficient manner.

    ❖ Ensure you state the correct, and full IGN of the user you are reporting.
    ❖ Actually make sure the user is breaking a rule which can be reported.
    ❖ Make sure the evidence is sufficient.
    ❖ Add key timestamps where possible.

    ~ Dragon!
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  2. Cloud

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    May 29, 2015
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    Nice one, you may wish to toggle to the BB text editor and make the font sizes uniform, currently some parts are big and some parts are small. The default is 3.5.
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