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Discussion in 'Guides' started by Dragon, Oct 14, 2017.

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    Hey Heroes & Villains,

    With a few general questions being repeatedly asked within support threads, I've created this thread which will cover most queries users commonly have, including a solution to the issue. If you are unsure of what a Support thread is, check out my other guide 'Support Threads' @

    If you need assistance with another topic not listed below, feel free to tag or start a conversation with a staff member, or a member of the Support Team. Support Team members can be found at the bottom of the Official Staff List Logs found here. The leader of the team is @Shepdog9.

    This section contains all general queries and information, which is about ArkhamNetwork as a whole.

    Official Staff List Logs:
    • How do I report a staff member for abuse?
      If you believe a staff member has abused their powers or is doing their job incorrectly, get proof (such as a screenshot or video), then report it to a Admin+ via forums conversation. To start a conversation, you can click here. Then, enter the name of Admin+ beside 'Participants:'. All Admins+ are listed on the Official Staff List Logs, linked above.
    • Suggestions -
      If you wish to create a suggestion about an addition or the removal of a feature from in-game or from the forums, you will be required to submit a suggestion @ Make sure you also read the Official Suggestions Guide, found here, which goes through the suggestions sub-forum in general.
    • How do I apply for staff?
      To apply for staff, you are required to submit an application here.

    If you are experiencing any issues or have any queries about in-game information, a list of common questions are below.

    Official Server Rules:
    Individual Server Rules:
    • How do I claim my Voting Milestone Rewards?
      Currently Voting Milestones are not working meaning that they can not be redeemed. But when they do work to redeem them you will need to redeem your votes on the server of your choice and the keys automatically go into your inventory. This can be done via /vote. To see the Voting Milestones in-game go to /vote and hover over the diamond.
    • Help! I'm unable to join the server.
      If you are unable to join as you are receiving the error message:
      • Can't resolve host name or Cannot connect to server - Try connecting to the server using a different IP such as or
      • Java. Socketexception: Network unreachable - As a result of Coelho's bypass, this error isn't as common. However, if you do encounter it, try connecting via a different IP address / MC version. If you are still unable to connect to the server, try connecting through SquidHQ, downloadable @
    • How do I report a user who has broken a rule(s)?
      To report a user, you must first check if the punishment will issue a mute or ban which is greater than 1 day (for the report to be accepted). You can check all punishment offences here. Once you have checked, you will need to submit a Player Report @
    • I've lost [In-game item], how can I get it back?
      In-game items are sadly non-refundable. However, if you lose an item such as an Omnitool on Prison, and you have proof of it, then there is a possibility of receiving back if the Administrators see it as sufficient proof.
    • An item vanished from my inventory // I got scammed
      Unfortunately, in-game items are non refundable. If you purchased an item and it got scammed, there is also sadly nothing that can be done - this is not IRL scamming. IRL scamming is purchasing an item for someone and they don't give their part of the deal.
    • How to I equip, change and font my title?
      To equip a title you have won or purchased, do /title. This will bring up the title GUI where you will be able to select a title to equip. If you currently have a title equipped, selecting another title will remove it and apply the newly selected title. To change the font of your title, do /titlecolor. From here, you will be able to change the font of it.
    • What are Vote Credits?
      Vote Credits are one of the rewards obtained from voting. When claiming votes, you will be credited both a Vote Key(s) and Vote Credits. You will be able to use these credits via /creditshop on revamped gamemodes, where you are able to purchase global items, such as ranks, as well as gamemode-specific items, such as a Private mine on Prison.

    If you are experiencing any issues or have any queries about the forums, a list of common questions are below.

    Official Forum Rules:
    • How do I get my Minecraft account linked and displayed on my forums account?
      Syncing your account is easy, make sure you are signed up at our forums, then simply run "/syncaccount" and you'll be presented with a one-time use link. Just click that link and sign in with your forum account, if it has worked correctly you should get a message saying you are now synced. Please note if you are looking to have your in-game rank show up on the forums, it can takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete its sync. Just so you're aware, make sure you do the command in the hub server not the prison, skyblock, creative, etc servers as it won't work.
    • A user has broken a forum rule(s), how do I report them?
      To report a user for breaking a forum rule(s), tag a Moderator+ (All moderators+ are listed on the Official Staff List Logs linked under the 'General Spoiler') in a comment / reply. From here, the staff member will deal with the user, issuing a warning point(s) and merge / delete the post.

    If you are experiencing any issues or have any queries about discord, a list of common questions are below.

    Discord Rules:
    • Is there a discord server?
      Yes, there is an ArkhamNetwork discord. To connect to the discord, seek the following URL -

    To see a list of other awesome guides, check out Cloud's 'Useful Threads List' @
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    A permanent redirect notice to this has been pinned in support. Cheers.

    Thread Unlocked.
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    Okay well now im pretty mad, my brother was playing on your guys server and it shows he got banned for ban envading now i dont wanna be mean or rude but come on man thats dumb af smh your server mods are poo
    It was SirDick
    Srmx sum poop like that smh
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    Make a ban appeal
  5. DaddyKqi

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    The username change thread link is no longer valid. Should I PM a higher up instead?
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