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Allowed & Disallowed Modifications List

Discussion in 'Rules' started by brannez03, Jul 18, 2020.

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    The following is the list of allowed and disallowed modifications as well as what is considered a hacked client or not. Your ban message will feature disallowed modifications if you are caught using those modifications while bans for hacked client will display the specific cheat you used on the hacked client.

    If any modifications you wish to use are not listed here and you are unsure whether they are allowed, contact a staff member and they will clarify that for you, most likely adding it to this list.

    If an allowed modification has features of disallowed modifications, you are not allowed to use it for such purposes, an example being using the Macros Mod for auto-mining. Similarly, you are not allowed to use disallowed modifications for the purpose of allowed modifications within, an example being using a Hacked Client for autofish.
    As a point of reference, even if you don't use any of the features of a hacked / ghost client but have been caught nonetheless, you will be punished as well. Punishment durations can be found here:
    This list is subject to change at any time, and changes will be logged as replies below.
    Not knowing the rules or changes to the rules is not a valid excuse to break them.

    Allowed Modifications:
    • Allowed Clients:
      • 5zig
      • LabyMod
      • Lunar Client
      • Badlion Client
    • Animation Mods
      • Only provide cosmetic improvements like LabyMod or Orange's 1.7 Animations.
    • Armor / Effect Status Mods
      • Armor Status, Effect Status, HudPixel, etc.
    • Autoclickers
      • Not allowed in PvP, on grinders & on mobs. Only allowed for building.
    • Autosign
      • Not including those found on hacked clients.
    • Better Sprinting
    • Block Indicator (Wawla)
    • Chat Companion Mod or Chat Scripting (must adhere to TWO adverts per minute as per rules)
      • It should be noted that these are not to be used to complete chat games or scenarios where it provides a gameplay advantage over others.
    • Client Optimisation Mods
      • Optifine
      • BetterFPS
      • FastFPS
    • Coordinates Mod
    • Damage Indicators
    • F3 + B (Minecraft Debug Tool)
    • FastCraft
    • FullBright & Gamma Adjustment Mods
    • Inventory Tweaks Mod
    • Keystrokes Mod
    • Minimaps
      • Cannot be used to function as ChestESP, or determine the location of players or mobs.
    • Mouse Tweaks Mod
    • Mouse Delay Fix
    • Not Enough Mods (NEI), Just Enough Mods (JEI) or Too Many Items (TMI)
    • Reach Circles Mod
    • Replay Mod
    • Schematica Mod
      • Including the printer feature in skyblock, creative and factions.
    • Shaders
      • No X-Ray enabled shader packs.
    • SquidHQ if your still one of those people.
    • TabbyChat / TabbyChat 2
    • ToggleJump / ToggleSneak / ToggleSprint (found in allowed clients)
    • World Downloaders
    • Macros
      • Macros cannot be used when functioning as any form of disallowed modification but automatic chat or single-use commands are allowed. For example, having a bind set to Q on your keyboard that teleports you home via /home or does /sellall ONCE with no repetitive nature.
    • Scripting
      • Using scripting for chat bots is allowed but anything listed in the disallowed modifications below is not.

    Disallowed Modifications:

    Anything that is considered an unfair advantage compared to a vanilla experience and is not on the allowed modifications list is considered a disallowed modifications. Note that these are different from hacked / ghost client features which have a separate list below. If you believe that something is allowed but is not listed on the allowed modifications list, please contact a staff member who will clarify for you. You can not use the excuse that it wasn't on either lists if banned for disallowed modifications.
    • Autoclicking for PVP
    • AFK Autoclicker
      • If caught or suspected to be AFK while autoclicking to break blocks (auto-mining) or hit mobs (different from MobAura) then it counts as a disallowed modification. You are only allowed for building when not AFK as mentioned above.
    • Minimaps
      • Ones that give location of chests (not ChestESP), players or mobs.
    • Scripting to automate processes
      • Excludes chat bots but includes:
        • Auto-auction
        • Auto-harvest
        • Auto-move to stay AFK if you are not Hero rank or below (you are allowed to if you have a main account which is Hero+).
        • Auto-fish
        • Auto-profit
        • Auto-salvage
        • Auto-sell
        • Auto-craft
        • Automatic E-Token Buying Bot
    • Waypoints

    Hacked Client:

    This is just some of the features found in popular free hacked clients. Any not listed does not mean they are allowed.

    • Aimbot
    • Animations
    • Anti Aim
    • Anti Blind
    • Anti Bot
    • Anti Desync
    • Anti Fire
    • Anti Hazard
    • Anti Hunger
    • Anti Overlay
    • Anti Sound Lag
    • Anti Vanish
    • Auto Armor
    • Auto Cheat
    • Auto Disconnect
    • Auto Eat
    • Auto Eject
    • Auto Jump
    • Auto Tool
    • Auto Totem
    • Auto Walk
    • Auto Weapon
    • Auto-Soup
    • Baritone
    • Blink
    • BoatFly
    • Bow Aimbot
    • Breadchumbs
    • Breaker
    • Build
    • Camera Clip
    • Chams
    • Chest Stealer
    • Click TP
    • ClickGui
    • CopsAndCrims
    • Criticals
    • Crosshair+
    • Crystal Aura
    • Discord RPC
    • ESP
    • Elytra+
    • Enchant Color
    • Fast Fall
    • Fast Interact
    • Flight
    • Franky
    • Freecam
    • GhostHand
    • HUD
    • High Jump
    • Hitbox
    • Hunt
    • Ignite
    • Inventory
    • Item Saver
    • Jesus
    • Kill Aura
    • Lag
    • Levitation Control
    • Light
    • Liquid Interact
    • Log Position
    • Long Jump
    • Minestrike
    • Murder
    • Nametags
    • New Chunks
    • No Fall
    • No Push
    • No Render
    • No Rotate
    • No SRP
    • No Slow
    • Nuker
    • Parkour
    • Portals
    • Pot
    • PropHunt
    • QuakeCraft
    • Radar
    • Respawn
    • Riding
    • Safe Walk
    • Scaffold
    • Search
    • Self Destruct
    • Signs
    • Skin Blinker
    • SmoothAim
    • Sneak
    • SneakyAssassins
    • Speed
    • Spider
    • Sprint
    • Step
    • Storage ESP
    • Terrain
    • Timer
    • Tracers
    • Trajectories
    • Unpack
    • Velocity
    • Weather
    • Wireframe
    • X-Ray (includes X-Ray Resource / Texture Pack)
    • Yaw

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