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I'm Curtis! Some of you may know me from my previous networks which I've worked for, most recently TheArchon where I worked for the last 2 years, almost 3. I've worked within Minecraft since 2012. I've been brought to Arkham to improve the network.

From what I've seen from the Staff and discussing with Serayne, things need to be improved so that's why I'm here. Within the next day or so I will make a forum post under the Suggestions section requesting your suggestions for certain game-modes. ALL game-modes will eventually have a post made which will request your suggestions and issues that need fixing!

This is just short and brief as there is a lot to do and I'm getting started straight away!

What I need is for you, the players to gather all the current bugs/problems and prepare to post them when I make the posts. Also any suggestions/improvements are welcomed.

Arkham is coming back.

Happy to be there!


Hey Heroes and Villains,

Harry and I had a discussion last night about the Skyblock lag issue. Since that discussion, it seems that the TPS has gotten better. This is due to a few fixes we came up with which I will explain below.

Ok so the issue with skyblock right now is dropped items. The server is accumulating up to 20k entities at one time. Most of which are being stored in single spawner locations when the hoppers are full. Basically...stupid amounts of drops are sitting around doing nothing, making no money, because player's chests and hoppers are full.

Our Solutions:
1). If hoppers and chests on an island are full, it will prevent mobs from dropping loot
2). If hoppers and chests on an island are full, it will eventually prevent spawners from spawning monsters
3). You've heard of mob stacking, now we have drop stacking/loot stacking. Mob drops no longer cap at 16 and 64. They can now accumulate multiple stacks of an item in 1 entity.

I am letting you guys know this so you don't freak out because it may look like spawner drop rates were lowered. They were not. The only thing that was changed were the solutions listed above...and it seems to have worked.​
Title says it all.

Due to the countless requests on my skygrid thread..Old School Prison has been reset and re-released on Arkham. This is a super old server and code base, so there will be bugs and issues. Let staff know asap so they can be fixed! All old donor ranks will be returned to you as soon as you log in.

Join using minecraft version 1.7 or 1.8!
/server Old School

Enjoy : )​
Hey Heroes and Villains,

I was wondering what the overall reaction would be if we were to bring back Skygrid. This game mode is fairly easy to set up, and would not take much time away from working on our other servers. Would you guys enjoy a Skygrid server with a custom shop, challenges, and a player ran economy? If you do not know what Skygrid is, please go check it out before voting. I personally love this gamemode and would be very happy to see it succeed. Again, this would not take development time away from other servers so you don't need to worry about that. It would be a side project.

Show Serayne Skygrid matters; please vote: Yes!
(iKoalas will give you a big hug)
We are trying to see how many people will actually play, to determine if it's worth our time and money making it. Hopefully we get enough support because back in 2015 I remember there were less than 10-20 people on Skygrid :( (sometimes not even that

UPDATE: Economy Survival is going fantastic! Full release is scheduled for January. We will give you more updates when Beta is launched within the next week or two. Get hyped!​
Hey Heroes and Villains!​

With the holidays fast approaching we have all been extremely hard at work here at Arkham in preparing another update for you this week, which I’m excited to be able to share with you today!


We have released the long anticipated and much hyped next global rank on Arkham, ArkhamKnight!

The rank is positioned after the last global rank, Flamingo, and therefore will grant you the following additional perks alongside the perks from the other global ranks when purchased:
  • Permanent [VIP] rank on all of our servers!
  • Changeable in-game rank tag (/titlerank)
    • ArkhamKnight
      • [​IMG]
    • ArkhamKing
      • [​IMG]
    • ArkhamQueen
      • [​IMG]
    • ArkhamEboy
      • [​IMG]
    • ArkhamEgirl
      • [​IMG]
    • FloppyRooster
      • [​IMG]
    • SerayneFanboy
      • [​IMG]
    • StaffSuck
      • [​IMG]
  • Access to toggleable night vision (/nv)
  • Access to a special Forum Serayne will read everyday with creative input for server features and updates.
  • Access to a special Discord that the developers and owner will be in with creative input for server features and updates.
  • Reduced 5 minute cooldown for /shout
  • Reduced 5 minute cooldown for /b
  • The ability to use colours in shouts (except format colours)
  • Access to /supershout (1 hour cooldown)
    • [​IMG]
  • Access to chat emotes
    • /wave
    • /highfive
    • /hug
    • /kiss
    • /lick
    • /shank
    • /punch...
Hey Heroes and Villains!
I'm very happy to say we have been hard at work here at Arkham and are ready to share two more of our major updates for December with you today!

12 Days of Christmas
While I'm sure some of you will remember this update from previous years, we have taken a different approach it this year to make things even more interesting.

In each server spawn, you will find a Santa npc. Every day you login to Arkham and visit Santa, you will be able to interact with him to claim an amount of free random treasure keys on the server.

The first day will begin with giving you 3 random keys, with the amount increasing by 1 every day up until Christmas Day. This means that you will be able to claim 3 keys the first day, 4 keys the second day and up to 15 keys on Christmas Day!​

Please note that it is limited for use by only one IP address per day.

Skyblock TPS
We have been listening patiently to your requests for improvements to the TPS on the Skyblock server and I'm glad to be able to tell you that we have made great progress in improving the situation. As of me writing this post we have deployed multiple optimizations to the server plugins and the server software, which have helped to bring the TPS back to acceptable levels. We are however not finished here and have even more optimizations in the works to improve things further over the coming days.

Economy Survival
Economy Survival is a top priority right now. Everyone will be pitching in ideas to help make this gamemode unique and enjoyable. That being said...if you have suggestions for Eco, feel free to make a Suggestions thread on our forums! (iKoalas will be personally reviewing all suggestions)

I hope you all enjoy this update and have a great December leading up...
Hey Heroes and Villains!
I hope you're all having a great start to December and looking forward to some time off work / school over the christmas period. Work, however, doesn't stop here at Arkham over the christmas holiday, and we can't wait to show you what we have in store over the coming weeks.

Today, I'm going to be showing you our first two major updates.

VIP Rank
As of this moment, there is a brand new rank available on our store called VIP, you can jump straight in and check it out here if you wish.

The rank will cost $10/mo, as a recurring subscription. You may cancel it at any time and you will simply lose the status and perks. The rank is able to be purchased alongside your existing donator rank, and they will effectively stack ingame:

The status comes with a ton of great perks, such as a free 25% Off Store Coupon every 14 days. This can be redeemed ingame using /coupon. Alongside a free /titlecrate every two weeks, a set of 3 awesome gkits, and an exclusive VIP join message. There's even more to it that you can check out on the store page, and there's certainly more to come to the VIP rank over the coming weeks - so get it whilst it's brand new!

We're aware at Arkham that hackers can be a huge problem for those of you who just wish to play the game honestly, that is why we've made considerable investment into a brand-new AntiCheat that has just started collecting data as I speak on all servers. You may not see this anticheat make a lot of punishments at first, because we wanted to give it some time to simply watch over the network and collect data on hackers....
Prison PvP on Prison
Hey Heroes and Villains

Today I present you with a poll. I am curious what the community wants in regards to the pvp on our current prison. Do you enjoy Protection 10+ armor with stacks of god apples, or would you guys rather have a more balanced pvp experience with Protection 4 being the max (vanilla enchants) with no god apples. Instead your kits would include golden non-enchanted apples and potions. Please take this poll seriously as my goal is to follow what the community decides. Thank you all so much!
Here are your winners for the Arkham Halloween Build Competition 2017!
Big thanks to Respah for the help! :D

1st Place: SitouYuan
Creative plot ID: 27;29

2nd Place: Cloud3y
Creative plot ID: 32;-34

3rd Place: UniAce
Creative plot ID: -23;33

We decided to include an honorable mention and gift him with a $10 Voucher for the effort he put into the build. (This person built their plot entirely by hand).

4th Place: Phoodi
Creative plot ID: -37;-45
Hey Heroes and Villains

After a very successful Halloween Event of Parkour and PvP, I would like to congratulate our winners and say a massive thank you to everyone who took part!

Here are the winners of the Parkour:
1st place: HybridDylan
2nd place: Sulina
3rd place: Iovely

Here are the winners of the PvP:
1st place: Gopal
2nd place: Alumises
3rd place: Yiex

You will be contacted shortly by iKoalas to get your prizes sorted.

Happy Halloween From All of us Staff!