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So I have decided to let @Curtis go due to some bad decisions and choices he made that I don't agree with.
I am going to be making the following changes to the Factions reset today.

Custom Enchants are going to be removed, I was not happy with them and I feel we can do better in the future with community feedback. So we will be releasing without custom enchants.

Strength 2 potions are unobtainable.

I am making the decision to temporarily remove this KOTH plugin that we're using as it's really bad and I'm not impressed, we are going to make a custom one this coming week.

Reverting back to gkits and getting rid of fkits, not a fan.

Gkits will be disabled for the first week.

Ftop reward changed to:
Top 3 factions will get the following rewards:
1. $500 Amazon Gift Card
2. $250 Amazon Gift Card
3. $100 Amazon Gift Card

Envoys will be added later.

And something I want to clarify on.
Using triangles in cannons is not against the rules, you just can't heavily use them to the point of it being a triangle cannon. You can cannon normally just fine and if not, report it and it will be addressed within 24 hours.

Release time remains unchanged.

Release is
5pm EST today.
Hey there Heroes and Villains!
I'd first like to apolgoize for the delay on this announcement post! Today I will be announcing the new map of Factions. If you haven't previously read my post regarding the upcoming reset then I recommend you do now!

Previous Post:

The server is expected to reset/re-open around 5pm EST on Friday the 9th of February! I would like to quickly note that there maybe possible delays. You can find a countdown here:

Now, let's get onto the new map of Factions!

We will be making some drastic changes to how some of the systems work. Replacing them with upgraded and improved systems. I recommend if you plan to play Factions you read this post carefully!

I will provide some misc information and general need-to-know information.

50 Members per/faction
50 Power per/player (50 power upon login too)
20 chunk buffer limit
Autocannons are banned
Cannons using triangles are now banned
Raid detectors are not allowed

Spawners will NOT be protected via water (even if water is poured over it)

World Sizes:
15,000 x 15,000 Main World (No oceans & Flat Bedrock)
2,500 x 2,500 Nether (KoTH's will be placed here along with the WarZone)
3,000 x 3,000 End (Bedrock @ y:1 - Sandstone Y:2-50)

"Cannons using triangles are now banned" although this is very vague it bascially means that if the server classes your cannon as a significant Triangle cannon, it'll attempt to prevent it from working. I've tested cannons with users that used Triangles and they worked fine, so don't worry! Adjustments will be made.

Bedrock has been lowered to 300 TNT hits.

Lava is now scatterable. If you're TNTing a base and manage to hit a regen wall, blowing up the lava will prevent it from reflowing.

Hey guys, I've decided to make a few payment gateway changes.

From now on you cannot directly pay us via Paypal, I've decided to get rid of Paypal entirely due to high chargeback risk.

You can pay with Paypal via xSolla as well as directly with a credit/debit card and MANY other different payment methods.

Let me know if there are any issues with this but it should be fine! We will be working to get into a few other payment gateways soon as well, thank you!​
Hey there Heroes and Villains!

Today I am going to provide you with an update in regards to why Factions is currently offline and confirming the reset date!

If you hadn't read my post regarding "A Crazy Weekend" I stated that Factions is going to be offline until the brand new map of Factions is released. We had schedule the release to be this upcoming Friday but as we want to provide a server quality that Arkham hasn't seen for quite some time we decided it would be best to delay it.

I can confirm that Factions will have a FULL reset on the 9th of February, time is yet to be confirmed.
There will be NO VIP Beta for Factions. Once it's released, it's released to all.

I am not going to confirm nor deny any features. But what I am going to confirm that the next map of Factions will have a prize for the highest ranking Factions Top come the end of the map, more details will be announced in the main post!

Our main focus is fixes and improvements. We are implementing new features which are highly requested and fulfilling the promises of those that failed to in the past with things such as KoTHs!

Feel free to respond to my post in which I enquire about any bugs, duplication's or glitches you're aware of in Factions, you can find the post here:

As for this post, this will be it. Spread the word about the upcoming Factions reset with a Factions Top prize! For those wanting to play, I will provide some basic information for now:

50 Members per/faction
50 Power per/player (50 power upon login too)
20 chunk buffer limit
Autocannons are banned
Cannons using triangles are now banned
Raid detectors are not allowed

Spawners will NOT be protected via water (even if...

We are not giving out vote vouchers, the entire voting system needs to be remade, it's 3 years old and hasn't been touched. You are not getting a $10 voucher when our store is 95% off, period, stop trying.

Hey there Heroes and Villains!

Well, just as the title says.. What a crazy weekend this has been! This post is just a recap of this weekend as a few unexpected things happened out of the blue!


Eco Survival Release
Eco Survival was released on time as promised, 5pm EST! What a crazy turnout.. We honestly expected to peak at around 100 players but we capped at over 300 players within a few minutes of it being released. This was not expected at all so firstly, thank you! To everybody who joined and continued to play and those who've made purchases for money, claims, kits and more!

The release went well apart from some lag issues we had for the first 15-20 minutes. We were working constantly on resolving the TPS and lag spikes and found a solution to the issues which then cleared up and the server ran smoothly since. We've patched a few bugs and a huge economy exploit which you can keep track from our January Changelog post, you can find that in the "Changelog" section of the forums!
Skyblock 2 Surprise
Skyblock2 was released on Saturday which came as a huge surprise for EVERYBODY, including myself! The decision to release a second Skyblock server with only minor changes comes with the demand for players on Skyblock. Right now Skyblock is by far our most popular server and is extremely demanding in terms of performance!

With the new Skyblock server it comes with a few minor changes. We've limited the maximum drop rate from the Island upgrades. With that we've also done a few economy changes!

You can purchase crate keys and more from the Skyblock2 section on the store!
Hey there Heroes and Villains

The public release of Eco Survival is this Friday at 5 PM EST.
This thread will consist of bug fixes and new features that have been added in.
If you want to see the previous thread with all the features, click
Jobs Changes
  • Silk touch will no longer increase job progress.
  • You can now place diamond and emerald ore from crates to mine for the Archaeologist job.
  • A bug where mining 1 ore counted as 2 for the Archaeologist job has been fixed.
  • A bug where cocoa beans, carrots and potatoes didn't register for the Botanist job has been fixed.
  • The Botanist job now registers melons and pumpkins.
  • A bug where players didn't receive Aegis is now fixed.
  • Prices have been fixed so you will now earn money from killing mobs for the Huntsmen job.
  • Bonemeal no longer screws up progress for Botanist job.
  • The Fisherman job's level 20 buff has been changed to permanent Fire Resistance.
  • The Huntsmen job now registers zombie pigmen.
  • Aegis now gives 2 claims per level for every hour that you are online.
  • Players now start with 10 claims.
  • Players now have a /kit citizen where they will receive a tutorial book about Eco Survival.
  • Fixed a bug where you needed 100 claims to claim and the claim having to be 5 blocks wide.
  • You now have a /kit claim to get a free golden shovel for claiming.
  • Price of claims has been changed from $5000 to $2500.
  • The wilds now have a normal amount of ores.
  • Spawners and villages have been removed from wilds.
  • Shop signs can now be placed in rented slots.
  • Holograms have been added to show price of slots and their...
Hey Heroes and Villains,

I hope everybody had an amazing holiday and break from school and those who work, from work! I am happy to bring some good news to this dreaded week and that is that we've finally fixed Private Mines also known as "pmines" for our Prison server.

You can purchase access to your Private Mine through our webstore which will be linked here:

Before both Harry and myself were brought to ArkhamNetwork the system was completely broken, those that had purchased access to their very own private mine simply didn't use it because the system was broken.

Over the last day or so we've focused on not only enabling the system to work correctly but improving it as requested by the supporters of Arkham!

To those who have previously purchased a Private Mine from our store which you can find HERE. You will now have access to a brand new Private Mine which you can access via the /pmine command. It may take upto 10 minutes of you being logged to fully give you access to your mine again.

Now, let's head to the improvements! The previous system only provided a small area to mine and build so we've decided to expand the size of the mine along with the area you're able to build! The mine is now a huge 40x40 of pure blocks to mine, here is a picture of my mine which I bought from the store:


As you can see, they're almost triple the size of the previous mines provided. Not only do you get a much larger area for your mine, you're also provided an extra area in which you can build around and make your private mine look all pretty :333
You're only able to mine around ~16 blocks or so on each side to work...
Factions Factions 2.0

As I mentioned in my introductions I would be making a post requesting certain information about Factions. I made a post a few days ago which doesn't seem to have gained any attention so I am making the post here.

If you're an active Factions player and want to see a Factions season where things actually work and promised features are released, please do me a huge favour and head to this BUGS section and read it and use it!


I have just made a post regarding Suggestions for strictly Factions, so again, if you're an active Factions player and want to see the server improved, please make your suggestions here:


As a reminder Eco Survival is now released to BETA users only (VIP & AK) and the Factions purge is currently live!


EcoSurvival New Gamemode!
Here there Heroes and Villains!

I am proud to announce that we are releasing Eco Survival for beta test this Friday! Eco Survival is something that myself and the returning developer, Harry have been working on for the last few weeks.

To confirm - Eco Survival will be released for BETA users this Friday, 5th of January.
Beta will last around 1-2 weeks depending on how it goes.
The server will reset after beta!
Here you can find a live countdown until the release of Eco Survival:

You are required to have either the VIP or ArkhamKnight rank to participate in the BETA of Eco Survival.
You can purchase either of those ranks and many more extras on our webstore.


NOTE: Any purchases made during the BETA of Eco Survival will be given back to you the day of FULL release.

Before we get into any of the Eco Survival features, we must stress that if you find ANY type of bug or issue you MUST report them directly to the Admins of the network or by simply making a forum thread here:

BUG REPORTS - We recommend you tag one or two of the Admins in the post.

Now, onto the details..

The Eco Survival server will feature new custom and unique features but also have a couple of known features. One of those features if Grief Prevention.

We will be using Grief Prevention for our claiming system where it allows you to claim with a golden shovel and that claim will go from sky to bedrock so no one will be able to grief you from up above.

1 claim = 1 block from bedrock to sky, also the claim costs 5000 to buy

Resizing claims and creating new claims is done...