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Hey Heroes and Villains

Now that the Prison revamp has been launched, i'm sure you are all aware of the new in-game store that has been added.

When you log into a revamped server and type /vote look for the nether star. Hover over it to see the “Credit Store” (then left-click to open the store)


You receive credits from voting and watching ads. By default you will earn $0.01 per advertisement and/or vote that you complete successfully. (sometimes you can get lucky and earn more!)

You then use the credits to purchase in-game items ranging from server specific goods, to even in-game ranks! This system better rewards our players for supporting the server; by allowing them to achieve virtual goods without paying IRL money for them.

Wish to see everything you have bought using Credits? Just left-click the minecraft book in the /vote menu and it will pop-up all of your transactions!


Remember that this system is ONLY in place for our recently revamped servers. If you need more assistance with the Credit Store please contact a staff member. We ARE NOT converting Paragon to Credits (So please do not ask).

Enjoy guys!​
Hey there Heroes & Villains!

There are three new revamps coming your way! This announcement is split into three sections and will cover all the new features and changes for prison, gkits and voting!


Prison Revamp
Prison will release on March 30th at 6pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

McPrison’s spawn has been brought back and refurbished to fit the Arkham theme.

All mines and areas are connected in the same large build, rather than being split into sections only accessible via warps.
Two new crates have been added - the global crate and the prestige crate.

The global crate allows you to redeem Global Crate Keys that you get from gkits. You can find out more under the Gkit Revamp section below. The prestige crate allows you to redeem Prestige Crate Keys that you get from prestiging.

Vote, Uncommon, Rare, Mythical and Legendary crates will no longer give annoying items like armour, and will give purely useful items.
  • All mines are now of the same size (50x50, 60 blocks deep) and are bigger than before.
  • The long standing issue where mines had large holes and unbreakable patches is now resolved.
  • AK now has its own mine. It contains the same blocks and sell prices as Flamingo mine, but only AKs can mine there resulting in less traffic.
  • There are now three floating sell signs in front of the warp point of every single mine. No longer will you have to go hunting for sell signs with every warp.

Hey there Heroes and Villains
The server will be released on April 6th at 6pm EDT.
Grace period will run for a week so tnt will be enabled on
The 13th of April.
This season will last up to 8 weeks.
The date which the Faction Season will end is June 1st.

Faction Top Rewards
We are giving away $4000 Paypal for Faction Top Rewards, These will be paid out weekly. The top 3 factions will be the ones that receive the rewards.
1st: $2500
2nd: $1000
3rd: $500

Koth will run from Friday to Sunday, 4 times a day. There will be 4 koth areas in the warzone labeled as North, South, East and West. When you win a Koth you will receive 1 Key for a very op crate. If you want more info about koth do /koth ingame to view rewards, time and coordinates of where the next koth will be.

Koth Times(These are all in EDT):

Lightning wands have been added and will be called “Milijoner”. When you have a lightning wand in your hand you can right click the ground to smite in front of you. This is useful for charging creepers or smiting a player. These wands have a certain amount of durability and are not repairable. After you have used up your wand it will automatically break.
Here is an example:

Sell Wands
Sell wands have been added in. These can be obtained either by buycraft, crates or supply drop. When you right click a chest with the sell wand you will sell all the contains in the chest. These items have a durability so when they are used up it will break.

Custom Enchants
Custom enchants are being brought back from the previous factions! You use xp to get Custom Enchant from 1 of the 4 Custom Enchant crates. You can obtain keys from either buycraft, koth crate or supply drop.

New kits
There will be new kits made for the server that will be op but have a...
Hey there Heroes & Villains!

We will be hosting a Players VS Staff event this Saturday (3/10/18), 6 PM Eastern Standard Tome (EST). The event will consist of 10 staff members fighting all the players that would like to participate in the event.

If you kill a staff member, you will receive a 10 dollar buycraft voucher! Note that vouchers are one-time use, as compared to gift cards.

Upon death, you may re-enter the arena with the same gear. After the event, vouchers will be handed out.

Iron Armour Set (Unbreaking V)
Iron Sword
Unenchanted Golden Apples x10
Arrows x10
Diamond Armour Set (Prot X, Fire Prot X, Unbreaking X)
Diamond Sword (Sharpness V, Fire II, Knockback II, Unbreaking X)
Now (Power V, Infinity I, Flame I, Punch III, Unbreaking X)
Enchanted Golden Apples x32
Unenchanted Golden Apples x48
Arrows x1
Knockback Stars x10

+Unlimited Strength 1 & Speed 1 Effect

Good Luck To All Event Participants! May Luck Be Ever In Your Favour.
Hey there Heroes and Villains!

Well, just as the title says, we are doing a Prison revamp!
We do not have a confirmed release date as of now, but we will be working with players on deciding what will be included in this revamp.

The Skyblock1 Revamp will still happen, but only after Prison has been released.
If you have any suggestions, please feel free to reply down below so that we, as a community, can pool our ideas together and make this revamp a success.
I will make a new discord channel for the Prison revamp so that we can discuss ideas there, and I will come on discord to discuss Prison ideas with the community.​
Hey there Heroes and Villains
Well, just as the title says this thread is dedicated to getting ideas for a future Skyblock 1 Revamp!
As of now we do not have a confirmed date for when Skyblock 1 will be revamped due to the devs being busy fixing bugs on the server.
Right now we are pooling in ideas and looking through suggestions on what cool features we should add to the revamp so that it will be more competitive and enjoyable for you guys.
If you have any suggestions that would make Skyblock more fun for others, you can post your suggestion in this thread and we will view it.
Hey Heroes and Villains,

I have some VERY exciting news for you all! We have purchased a new custom designed server hub for Arkham Network. Harry will be implementing it in-game soon, but in the mean time enjoy these spoilers!


Check out the gallery here!

P.S. We also have some new buycraft art coming soon!​
This thread will list logs of factions and their members, who are disqualified from receiving the Ftop reward or their strikes.
Now that there is no CM due to recent lights, I am going to be taking over as CM again. I know previously when this happened it didn't go as planned, for many reasons. I had to deal with a lot of IRL stuff like graduating. I did graduate so for all of you who are thinking about spreading poop that I didn't, don't bother. There is no point. During this time there was also a lot of staff drama going on which I couldn't handle with the things going on outside of Arkham. Many people disagreed with the fact I was CM because everyone had their own opinions on how it should have been done/who should have gotten the role. Arkham will still be working as it has been, however, with me instead.

Now that I have gotten my IRL stuff out of the way, I have much more time in which I can spend to focus on Arkham. This not only means I can do more work to help improve it but it means I can listen to players more, more than I previously would have. Now that I am back as CM I will collect ideas from you, the players, and put foward the ideas I believe could be a good addition to the network. Any ideas you wish to put foward of which you believe could be good, please make a suggestion HERE
So I have decided to let @Curtis go due to some bad decisions and choices he made that I don't agree with.
I am going to be making the following changes to the Factions reset today.

Custom Enchants are going to be removed, I was not happy with them and I feel we can do better in the future with community feedback. So we will be releasing without custom enchants.

Strength 2 potions are unobtainable.

I am making the decision to temporarily remove this KOTH plugin that we're using as it's really bad and I'm not impressed, we are going to make a custom one this coming week.

Reverting back to gkits and getting rid of fkits, not a fan.

Gkits will be disabled for the first week.

Ftop reward changed to:
Top 3 factions will get the following rewards:
1. $500 Amazon Gift Card
2. $250 Amazon Gift Card
3. $100 Amazon Gift Card

Envoys will be added later.

And something I want to clarify on.
Using triangles in cannons is not against the rules, you just can't heavily use them to the point of it being a triangle cannon. You can cannon normally just fine and if not, report it and it will be addressed within 24 hours.

Release time remains unchanged.

Release is
5pm EST today.