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Hey guys, I know you've all been hearing rumors about my Youtube channel and such, and that I posted a couple videos with giveaways.

Do not fear! I have not forgotten about these giveaways or the channel! I am just waiting for channel artwork to be completely finished so I don't look like a scrub, while also working on my Minecraft skills because I'm horrible at this game, lmfao.

I will be making atleast 2 videos a day starting when my channel is fully finished with the decorating and what now. I will also be doing a $100 voucher giveaway on EVERY video, and I will be announcing the winners of the previous videos in the newer videos.

As a result of this, I will be giving out FIVE $100 vouchers each video for my first two videos on MCL and ArkhamNetwork. Prepare to be vouchered up my pretties. <3




^ Channel artwork rough draft so far. :)
Hey guys! Serayne92 here with an update. F*** yeah!

Staff Rank Changes:

New staff ranks are as follows:
Trial - A starting staff rank, players will be this rank for atleast two weeks upon promotion. Players with this rank will NOT be promoted to Helper until they have proven themselves worthy of staff. They have a 15 minute limit on mutes and cannot ban players or unban.
Helper - Players who have surpassed all the requirements of Trial are promoted to Helper, Helpers are given more permissions and more freedom as a staff member. To be promoted you will have to be Helper for atleast 3 months and be consistently active during this time. Players will be given an exception to the 3 month rule if they show that they are exceptional community members. Helpers are able to tempban up to an hour and mute up to an hour.
Moderator - Players who have shown to be truly wonderful members of the community are promoted to Moderator. Moderators are given quite a lot of freedom, they are able to ban and mute people with no limits.
Admin - Players who have been in the community for an extremely long time helping the Community and network grow have attained the Admin rank. These are the HMFIC(HeadMotherf**kersInCharge).

Staff need to understand that you are staff to HELP the community, not HURT the community. You are NOT better than anybody. You are a role model, plain and simple. Bad behavior will result in an IMMEDIATE demotion. No exceptions for anybody, including Serayne92. Smite him if he's rude.

Report all staff that abuse to Serayne92.
We do not play favorites at ArkhamNetwork.
Be sure to include...
Sup batches

OP Prison is being reset after a longer than I had intended BETA. All dupes should be fixed as well as any issues or concerns. Please report any and all exploits ASAP for rewards. :)

The following will NOT be lost in the reset:
  • My Richard
  • Your Richard
  • Global Ranks
  • Titles
  • Sell Sign Multipliers

The following WILL be lost:
  • Private Vaults (/pv)
  • Ender Chests
  • Balance
  • Prison Ranks (Acolyte - Zeus)
  • Prestiges
  • Womens Rights
  • Realms

Cheers to Katie for working very hard the last few weeks on making OP prison a better playing experience for all of you!

As always, I hate all of you. I'm only in this for the money.

Love you guys! <3 Serayne92 out motherfuckers.
Hey guys, I am officially taking back over in terms of community management, staff management. And just the day to day activities.

Prepare your derrière or ban.

Misc Changes:

You can now swear in teamspeak.
You can now swear on any server.
I'm recruiting tons of staff, if you screwup once. You're gone.
It is now a rule to prepare your derrière, or it's a ban.
Xypheren is back as a Moderator.
New staff are as follows:

More staff are to come, I'll keep you guys updated.
Voting is being revamped, expect some nice giveaways in the coming months.
I am starting my own Official Youtube channel. You'll be able to play with myself and Trigger sometime soon.

Some staff rules:
Ban team is now allowed to ban without proof for up to 7 days only. This will be strictly enforced and if caught abusing will result in getting SWATTED and BOXED.

You are required to have me added on Skype to be a staff member. As well as have your in game name and current staff rank in your Skype name. Format is as follows: [NAME] (RANK) Stupidshityoukidsalsoputonyournames