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Sup batches

OP Prison is being reset after a longer than I had intended BETA. All dupes should be fixed as well as any issues or concerns. Please report any and all exploits ASAP for rewards. :)

The following will NOT be lost in the reset:
  • My Richard
  • Your Richard
  • Global Ranks
  • Titles
  • Sell Sign Multipliers

The following WILL be lost:
  • Private Vaults (/pv)
  • Ender Chests
  • Balance
  • Prison Ranks (Acolyte - Zeus)
  • Prestiges
  • Womens Rights
  • Realms

Cheers to Katie for working very hard the last few weeks on making OP prison a better playing experience for all of you!

As always, I hate all of you. I'm only in this for the money.

Love you guys! <3 Serayne92 out motherfuckers.
Hey guys, I am officially taking back over in terms of community management, staff management. And just the day to day activities.

Prepare your derrière or ban.

Misc Changes:

You can now swear in teamspeak.
You can now swear on any server.
I'm recruiting tons of staff, if you screwup once. You're gone.
It is now a rule to prepare your derrière, or it's a ban.
Xypheren is back as a Moderator.
New staff are as follows:

More staff are to come, I'll keep you guys updated.
Voting is being revamped, expect some nice giveaways in the coming months.
I am starting my own Official Youtube channel. You'll be able to play with myself and Trigger sometime soon.

Some staff rules:
Ban team is now allowed to ban without proof for up to 7 days only. This will be strictly enforced and if caught abusing will result in getting SWATTED and BOXED.

You are required to have me added on Skype to be a staff member. As well as have your in game name and current staff rank in your Skype name. Format is as follows: [NAME] (RANK) Stupidshityoukidsalsoputonyournames