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Hey Heroes and Villains!

I would like to inform everyone that I have created a new teamspeak3 channel to help out old/new members.

This was originally a suggestion created by a player:

It was a very good suggestion since there are many who need help throughout the network. Anyone can join this channel be it; members, or non-members who are awaiting approval by staff to be accepted into the community.

Afk-ing/trolling in this channel is NOT allowed and will result in a harsh punishment. Take your conversations elsewhere, such as the Banter Box.

Once you are in the Help Room, an online staff member will assist you ASAP. I have informed all of our staff about their new obligations, so hopefully there will be no issues.

Make sure that when you are in the channel, you keep your sound un-muted so that when a staff does join, you know.

This channel can be located under the Miscellaneous section of Teamspeak3.

Thank you all for your time! Have a good day :)
With the last couple of versions of the Staff Application process,
the previous 1 month wait period between denied staff applications
and creating a new staff app, turned from an actual rule, to just a guideline.

However, to give Admins some breathing room from the
never ending cycle of returning staff apps,

There will now be a 2-week wait period between denied applications
and the creation of a new one.

This rule will take effect on the date of this posting.

This also means you need to make sure everything is included in the staff app,
or you will be stuck waiting in the 2 week window to fix it.​

i also suggest checking this forum post out for more information/tips:

Your Staff Apps

Hey guys and gals of Arkham Network. It's me, iKoalas (aka:ibunnys) here to clear some things up with the community.

In case you haven't heard all the gossip and what not...
Serayne92 and I; iKoalas, got married.

Plus, I changed my old minecraft username from, ibunnys to iKoalas. Hope no one gets too confused by this change.
This is the reason why both of us have the Network Owner tag and perms. I am not stealing owner from Serayne or taking over the network. You can put all of your suspicions aside. Please be gentle towards me, for I am still learning how to work some of the admin perms I was given. If you need anything feel free to message me in game or on the forums. A lot of people talk to me, flooding my messages so please be patient but I will try my best to contact you back. Thanks for listening everyone :)

Best wishes,
Hey guys, kyradawn69 here to invite you to yet another PvP Tournament on Saturday at 4:30 P.M. est.
For a short time, you guys will be able to vote on the kit used for the tournament.

The link below contains current sign-ups, please let me know if you will be fighting or spectating:

You will be disqualified for hacking, auto clickers, being a poor sport, teaming and entering alts for multiple chances. Some of these things warrant a ban, and there will be staff watching.
Choose between these kits for the event. The top voted kit will be the one used for the event.
Potion Kit:
  • Protection:1 Unbreaking:3 Diamond Helmet
  • Protection:1 Unbreaking:3 Diamond Chestplate
  • Protection:1 Unbreaking:3 Diamond Leggings
  • Protection:1 Unbreaking:3 Feather Falling:4 Diamond Boots
  • Sharpness:1 Fire Aspect:2 Unbreaking:3 Diamond Sword
  • Power:4 Flame:1 Infinity:1 Bow
  • 64x Arrow
  • 20x Instant Health II Splash Potion
  • 1x 8:00 Fire Resistance Potion
  • 4x 1:30 Speed II Potion
  • 16x Ender Pearl
  • 64x Steak
Debuff Potion Kit:
  • Protection:3 Unbreaking:3 Diamond Helmet
  • Protection:3 Unbreaking:3 Diamond Chestplate
  • Protection:3 Unbreaking:3 Diamond Leggings
  • Protection:3 Unbreaking:3 Diamond Boots
  • Sharpness:4 Unbreaking:3 Diamond Sword
  • Power:4 Flame:1 Infinity:1 Bow
  • 64x Arrow
  • 19x Instant Health II Splash Potion
  • 1x 8:00 Fire Resistance Potion
  • 1x 1:30 Speed II Potion
  • 3x 1:07 Slowness Splash Potion
  • 3x 0:33 Poison Splash Potion
  • 64x Golden Carrot
  • 16x Ender Pearl
Hey guys, kyradawn69 here to announce the release of another exciting server, ArenaPvp! This server was suggested by many players, and now it's finally here thanks to @coelho.
  • Ranked Matches
  • Unranked Matches
  • Dueling
  • Party System
  • Ability To Spectate
  • Kit Editor
  • Leaderboards
  • Multiple Maps
  • Multiple Kits
Non-Donator Perks:
  • 10 Ranked Matches Per Day
  • Unlimited Unranked Matches Per Day
Donator Perks:
  • Unlimited Ranked Matches Per Day
  • Unlimited Unranked Matches Per Day
Hey Guys! Booty here to announce to you that your long awaited, prison wars is finally ready for your enjoyment. A big feature added with this factions server is the addition of wither raiding, wither skulls can be acquired from the nether, and from the server's /shop.

What is prisonwars? Prisonwars is a type of server that combines the pvp aspect of factions, and the mining and rankup system of prison. Some tactics to furthering yourself include raiding player's bases, farming spawners, or kicking it back and doing some mining.

Some things you may want to know.​
  • Max prestige is set to 100
  • Prestige rewards include a Prestige Wheel spin and one random enchantment crystal​
  • There are currently 30 mines to work your way to the top!​
  • Prestiging will not increase price of rankup​
Donator Mines:
  • Caesar.......................Flamingo
  • Emperor....................Joker
  • Baron.........................Batman
  • Duke..........................Superhero
  • Crusader....................Hero
  • Champion..................Titan
  • Knight........................Vindicator
  • Esquire......................Vanguard
Hey guys, kyradawn69 here to invite all of you ArkhamFags to our first PlugDJ event.
On July 28th, starting at 4:00 est, I will be hosting an 80's night event at Come join the community on the teamspeak and plug dj, and show off your best and favorite 80's music. This event will be closed waitlist to prevent trolls and playing the wrong genre. If you wish to be a dj please let me know in advance, as you can only join the waitlist whenever as a resident dj. As always the rules do apply during this event. You can find the rules here.
This thread will list the current Joker rank nerfs.
Expect updates and changes.​

  • Gkit cooldown reduction removed.
  • OP Prison multiplier changed from 5x to 3x.
  • PlayerVaults changed from 10 to 5.
  • No longer receiving Pirate Kit for free.
  • No longer receives free create titles upon purchase.
  • Flamingo now receives the exact same perks as Joker aside from the Cosmetic stuff mentioned in the announcement thread as well as their own gkit.

This is being done in an effort to make the servers less pay 2 win, which will in turn make the network a more enjoyable experience for everybody.

Hey guys, Booty and Kyra here with some exciting news. FLAMINGO has now been officially released, and all players that were rank: Joker on or before July 25th, 2015 have been upgraded to this new exclusive rank, FREE OF CHARGE. Joker has now been lowered in price, but has not been nerfed in perks or features yet. Keep in mind Flamingo is in beta, and if there are any issues with permissions or perks they will be fixed in the upcoming weeks. To report issues with this new rank, please make a bug report.​

Flamingo’s will have access to these perks:

10 Custom titles:

Bypass chat filter:


Login effects:


Bold chat:

Custom forums tag:

Unique commands that show up as a title across your screen:

Full gif compilation will be available...

Hey guys, kyradawn69 here with new updates on the rules and punishments. The rules may have been unclear before, but our admin team has worked hard to redefine and update existing rules. Feel free to let us know if any of the rules are still unclear, or if you think there a some rules we need to add.​

1. Any type of hacked / cracked / modded client that provides an advantage over other players is not allowed on Arkham Network. These actions will result in a temporary ban of the accused player.

First Offense: 7 day temporary ban.
Second Offense: 14 day temporary ban.
Third Offense: 30 day temporary ban.
Further Offenses: 30 day temporary ban.

=Allowed client mods can be found here.

2. All players and staff MUST be respected at all times. There is no exception to this rule. We understand when you joke around with friends, but there is a limit to where you can go.

First Offense: Verbal warning or tempmute depending on the seriousness of the offense.
Second Offense: Formal warning. (/warn)
Third Offense: Up to 1 hour temporary mute.
Fourth Offense: 24 hour temporary mute.
Further Offenses: 1 day temporary ban.

3. There are 5 types of advertising.
  • This would be advert of servers in the form of an ip, such as unless it is directly related to Arkham Network.