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Hey guys, for this month we're going to give out the following items to random people in the raffle ticket giveaways.

I wish everybody luck in this months giveaway! Thanks. :)
Hey Heroes and Villains, the results are in, and we have came to a conclusion on our winners of the December Raffle. If you are a winner of any of these prizes please pm me on forums, or however else you can get in contact with me to receive your prize. If you do not claim your prize within 2 weeks, another winner will be chosen.
Laptop Winners:
These 3 winners were picked from a total of 18,522 raffle tickets for the grand prize of a Gaming Laptop. Those that win will be required to post an unboxing video showing how grateful they are and how amazing ArkhamNetwork is for giving these laptops away.
  • xEvilUnicorn [2 tickets]
  • AP3Xminer
  • Mrs_Fatcat [104 tickets]
Voucher Winners:
These 20 winners were picked from a total of 18,522 raffle tickets for the grand prize of a $100 voucher, redeemable on
  • 1802ben
  • miningav
  • floppythepenguin
  • sumdragon38
  • diamondz_boy
  • 2Hawt
  • LunarrHD
  • dragonyoface
  • killer_ym
  • bomberboys
  • derpbeast
  • J0SHUA
  • UnNameable
  • mda10
  • flubberman
  • DinoBoyy
  • Zach2626
  • monsterbobreal1
  • HeyImJoker
  • GetDutched
Congrats to all of the raffle winners. If you want a chance to be picked in the next raffle you can purchase a raffle ticket with 5 paragon, or earn them from vote milestones. Keep playing, and you just might be the next winner of a raffle.​
-|Arkham Towny|-
Build your Kingdom

Heya all you Arkham Heroes and Villains! We are pleased to announced that the Towny Server is now live for all of you to play on! Towny is a survival oriented gamemode which a lot see as more of a casual version of Factions. Although don’t let that fool you, the casualness of Towny isn’t the only difference between it and Factions. Towny has many cool, unique and different features, the following being some of them!

Ever wanted to be able to turn some of your money into an item? Well, now you can! With the Banker you can turn any number of cash into a piece of paper that holds the amount of money you withdrew. With this piece of paper, you can go through with trades easier than usual as well as show off all that cash money.

Arkham Casino
In need of a lot of money at short notice? Well at the Arkham Casino you can gamble away what little money you have left to possibly win even more back! The Arkham Casino will either make or break you, some people come in with loads of cash and then walk out empty handed, others come in broke and then leave filthy rich.

Instead of being teleported in a random area of the Towny world, why not take one of the railways? Towny has two Railways, Railway A and Railway B. With these railways you’ll be teleported right out of the spawn, in the exact spot every time. No more random teleports if you don’t want them (there are still random teleports, don't...
We are giving away 3 Razer Blade Laptops to 3 lucky raffle ticket winners this month.
I am also giving away 20 $100 vouchers to random raffle ticket winners as well after the winners for the laptops have been selected.

You get a raffle ticket by spending 5 paragon on 1 ticket or from the vote milestones. You can have unlimited tickets, the best way to get as many tickets as possible is to vote every single day.

Those that win will be required to post an unboxing video showing how grateful they are and how amazing ArkhamNetwork is for giving these laptops away.

Edit: We are now giving away this instead:

Razer Blades are a bit outdated and are too overpriced for what they give you. That and I can't find anybody selling the ones I wanted, lol. Much better off giving out 3 of these this month. And possibly even more this month! Guess we'll find out at the end of the month. :)
Hey guys, Kyra here to announce that we finally have finished the beta of Revamped Arkham. Revamped Arkham features a lot less servers, meaning that all the servers will be able to get the attention needed. This will cause a decrease in the amount of bugs, issues, glitches, and lack of content. The rules have changed for this revamp as well. You can find the most up to date rules here. Flamingo vouchers will only be given to players who bought the Joker -> Flamingo upgrade, or bought Flamingo. Please make a purchase help here to have an admin assist you with getting your voucher.

The following gamemodes are on Revamped Arkham:
Gamemodes Currently Available
  • Skyblock
  • Prison
  • Creative
  • Oldschool Prison
  • Epic KitPVP
  • GTA
Gamemodes Coming Soon
  • Skywars (Tuesday)
  • Factions (Friday)
  • Iron KitPVP (Before Christmas)
  • Towny (Before Christmas)
  • TNT Wars (ASAP)

The following ranks have been removed:

Donor Ranks
  • Guardian (Removed and upgraded to Vindicator for free.)
  • Vanguard (Removed and upgraded to Vindicator for free.)
  • Flamingo (Removed and downgraded to Joker with a voucher for the purchase of Flamingo.)
Staff Ranks
  • Trial (Removed and upgraded to Helper.)
Feel free to make suggestions and enjoy your time on Arkham Network.
Hey guys, I know a lot of you have been wondering what's been going on with Arkham lately and why we haven't really been responding. Well I'm going to tell you why!

As most of you have probably heard from rumors, ArkhamNetwork is doing a full reset of pretty much every server and going back to it's roots.


The new network will consist of the following servers:
  • Prison - Just one server, no longer will you have to deal with a million prisons. Also reverted back to Etokens, donor mine keys are removed etc(All donors will have full access to their donor mines).
  • Skyblock - Completely revamped with a ton of new features.
  • Creative - Completely revamped Creative with a ton of new features.
  • Skywars - Reverted back to the old classic Arkham Skywars for a retro feeling, also completely revamped and updated.
  • Factions - Completely revamped and re-released, tons of new features.
  • Towny - A new server coming to Arkham that will replace the previous Survival servers, Towny will be a server based on the community and revolving around the community.
  • KitPvP - Completely revamped and rebalanced with a ridiculous amount of new features, server will be more like the classic iron kitpvp.

Minigames being added to Arkham:
  • TnTWars - This is being merged into Factions with a ladder system/ranking system as well as rewards for winning matches and faction on faction games.
  • Lucky Block Survival Games - New SG coming out on Arkham.
  • ArenaPvP - This is being merged into KitPvP when it's released, basically a really well done dueling system.

Everything except Factions, Towny and KitPvP will release on Wednesday the 25th.
Factions will be coming Friday the 27th, KitPvP & Towny will be released sometime before Christmas.

The new Arkham will consist of a lot of new features such as the following:
  • Arkham Loyalty Rewards - Get...
Hey guys, Kyra here. It has come to my attention that one of the rules are not clear enough to understand, as this rule has been broken on numerous occasions. This post should hopefully clear things up for you guys.
15. No trading In-Game items for PayPal, CS:GO items and minecraft accounts, or any other account type.

First Offense:14 day temporary ban.
Second Offense:30 day temporary ban.
Third Offense:Permanent ban.

This rule states that you are not allowed to trade in-game item's for PayPal, CS:GO items, or any accounts. Players have found a way around this and the rule is therefore changing to become more strict. Keep in mind, Arkham is not responsible for any trades made that break this rule. Arkham is also not responsible for trades from 3rd party source to 3rd party source, such as CS:GO skins for CS:GO skins. The things being added to this rule will be in red.

New rule:
15. No trading In-Game items for PayPal, CS:GO items and minecraft accounts, or any other account type. You are also not allowed to trade in-game items, or minecraft accounts for anything from a 3rd party/external source.

First Offense:14 day temporary ban.
Second Offense:30 day temporary ban.
Third Offense:Permanent ban.

While i'm at it, I will also clarify the scamming rule. I have taken this snippet from former Admin iBardock's thread.

There are some methods of Scamming that 'are' Bannable. However there are many that are not.

Plot Deny Scams - These are scams designed to take Large amounts / All of your in game money by Luring you with promises / lies such as 'I've got a shop where you can get...
Hey there guys and gals, erike1999 here to announce the revamp of Old-School Prison!

Every server needs a revamp at some point, we have to deliver new content to keep you guys interested in playing on our server. With players begging for a reset, and Old-School prison being the same for over 6 months, we decided now would be a great time for a nice revamp!

What has changed?

List of major changes:

--------------------------------------------------------------The Servers--------------------------------------------------------------
We no longer have two servers. Old-School 1 and Old-School 2 have been merged. It's just Old-School now. You guys may find it hard to be in the same server and get a long, but I'm sure if you're just nice to each other you can make lots of new friends! ;)

----------------------------------------------------------------The map----------------------------------------------------------------
We have added a fresh, brand new map!

Hey guys, Kyra here to announce that we are doing giveaways on /server OP Prison.
Anyone actively playing this server on the weekends will have a chance to have a random OP Prison server store purchase ran for them. These giveaways will happen once every hour. If you are the lucky winner of one of these giveaways, you will be whispered in chat that your purchase was successful, and should receive the item shortly after that.
Current Giveaway Items:
  • Pickaxe Nametags
  • Koala Treasure Keys
  • Donator Mine Keys
  • Personal Buffs
  • Minebombs
  • Level-Up Gems
Hey guys and gals, kyradawn69 here with a huge list of exciting network updates.
Prison (/server opprison):
We have just released the Prison server you have all been waiting for. The perks and features are below:
  • 1.8
  • Features a completely unique spawn as well as 50 regular mines, and 9 donator mines.
  • This server is not pay 2 win.
  • Donators do not instantly get access to a donator mine. Any player who acquires a donator mine key will get tp'd to that specific donator mine for 1 hour and kicked to spawn after the time is up. You have a chance to get a donator key from the koala crate.
  • All blocks automatically sell and give you money when you mine them.
  • /togglesell lets you turn off auto-sell so you can collect blocks you mined for your plots.
  • Every player starts out with an omnitool.
  • /shop prices are supposed to be extremely pricey. Use this to your advantage as bragging rights by owning the most blocks and decoration items from the shop.
  • /sellinfo lets you see your stats, such as total blocks broken, total blocks sold and total money made.
  • Also look forward to cookie clickers, coming soon.
Servers being moved to legacy:
In an effort to cleanup the servers, we have moved some of the less populated servers to legacy. A server being moved to legacy...