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Hey Heroes and Villains!

It's been a long wait, but now, I'm excited to announce the next Arkham Network Contest!

We noticed that many of you use Twitter to stay informed on everything going on, and we just so happened to realize that our Twitter account has been lacking activity lately. Well, no more! The Arkham Management Team has decided to run a Twitter contest to both spread the word about our server as well as keep you guys in the loop of what's going on with our Network!

There will be three winners, each of which will receive a $50 Buycraft Voucher to our server store. All winners will be chosen randomly with a random number generator, so no worries about biased or multiple winners.

Lastly, the contest will run for one month to ensure that everyone has enough time to get in. Winners will be chosen on the 9th of April.

Here's how you join...

  1. Follow us on twitter @ArkhamNetwork
  2. Like this post here
  3. Retweet the post above.

Best of luck, and may the best tweeter win!

Thank you all for playing on and supporting our server, and as always...

Stay Awesome!
Hey Heroes and Villains!

I'm happy to announce the addition of our new EU servers to TNT Wars, Skywars, and Survival Games! Now, when you attempt to join either gamemode, you'll have the option of choosing to connect between US or EU in the GUI.

We implemented this due to our massive increase of European players when the merge occurred. Now, ping should be dramatically decreased for those of you who live in European regions by simply choosing to join
EU servers! If you're not having better ping from joining these servers, you can also join



Also, as mentioned before, we plan to have brand new sexy servers coming out very soon!

Thank you all for continuing to support out server, and as always...

Stay Awesome!
Heyo all of you Arkham Heroes and Villains! Due to the recent actions taken by Mojang (the enforcement of EULA), we have been making a ton of changes and are planning on releasing a large amount of these within the coming weeks. Today's changelog features TNT Wars and Skywars.

Skywars Changes

  • Purchased SkyWars kits may be temporarily suspended
  • Donor SkyWars kits are presently untouched
TNT Wars Changes
  • The TNT Wars revamp removes; bow, grenade, enderchest, fly, smite, weather functionality from donors to be EULA compliant
Thank you all for your time and stay tuned for even more changelogs and updates to come!
Hey guys, I've recently been in contact with our friends at Mojang and discussing the possibilities of going EULA Compliant due to the recent crackdown on servers violating the EULA. I am hereby officially announcing my intention to make Arkham Network EULA Compliant by March 25th.

Due to the insane amount of changes, entire servers may be getting a reset and ranks may be converted into new EULA Compliant ones. Myself and Vikkstar have your best interests at heart and we do intend on providing the highest quality Minecraft experience possible come these new changes.

New EULA Compliant KitPvP is a week away. ;)

Also about a month away from a new Arkham MMORPG release.
Looking into possible resource pack for the network for insanely hilarious Pickaxes/Swords/Armors.
As well as a VIP Arkham network accessible by a subscription of around $5-$10 a month or a lifetime purchase of the VIP access.

Theres a lot of cool things we can do to switch up how we earn revenue to pay for everything. (Including Lambos)

So help us out guys! You want your voice to be heard? I'm listening, I'll bring everything to Vikkstar as well!

Community Q & A:

Q: Will I lose my donor ranks or anything I've paid for?
A: No, you will not. All donor rank features are being added into our existing crate system and our crate system turned into 1 crate. All people who do NOT get a rank or gkits before March 25th will have to get the perks from these crates 1 by 1.

Q: But Serayne, will I lose anything I've paid for?
A: No, you won't. You have paid for instant access to them while people who have not bought a previous old donor rank by March 25th will have to rely on the keys that are given to everybody to get the old perks that you got instantly.

Q: But Serayne, I still don't get it, I don't know how to read and comprehend the english language, will I lose what I've paid for? Will things reset?
A: You will not lose a single thing, we are simply stating that all the servers will not change at...
Heyo all of you Arkham Heroes and Villains! It's that time of month again. The time when some shed tears of happiness, and others shed tears of sorrow. That's right, it's time to announce the January Raffle Winners. If you have won any of these prizes, please private message me on the Forums. If you do not claim your prize within a certain amount of time (2 weeks), another winner will be chosen.​

Razer Deathadder Chroma Winners:
Out of the 12596 raffle tickets in this giveaway, only three lucky people had their tickets picked for this prize. Man, these three sure are lucky. They'll be receiving the Razer Deathadder Chroma!
  • Mrs_Fatcat [84 tickets]
  • Xilluses [19 tickets]
  • Wildernessboy1 [3 tickets]
Razer Deathstalker Chroma Winners:
Out of the 12596 raffle tickets in this giveaway, only three lucky people had their tickets picked for this prize. Man, these three sure are lucky. They'll be receiving the Razer Deathstalker Chroma!
  • zRaptor_ [6 tickets]
  • sanderp9 [62 tickets]
  • FlameMasterZx [12 tickets]
50x Spotify Gift Card Winners:
Now, although these 50 people didn't win the Razer products, they still broke off with quite a prize, winning a Spotify Premium member for 3 months.
  • marijn477
  • LunarrHD
  • kevin777787
  • Littleone8195
  • mads_stokbro
  • Pigeonfizz
  • chrisbenso
  • WhisperingIce
  • Roroone
  • Rxbbie
  • 54mpenguin
  • dbigbluebox
  • dimndminer
  • cactusman744
  • _taviao_
  • WillCookie
  • floppythepenguin
  • block1212
  • blockslayerjon
  • Reed_Kusanagi
  • X_KiritoKun_X
  • warmaster229
  • zRocketman157
  • TheOfficialDog
  • WolfMaster101
  • B345TGUY
  • KillerGhostGods
  • lachivaviva
  • flyingpiggies90
  • Nayrus_love
  • Jordyoranje
  • DorianCraft2002
  • CourtingSole
  • iiAzeK...
We have now changed the punishment for Server and Social Media advertising. The new punishments are:

Social Media Advertising:
1st Offense: Formal Warning
2nd Offense: 6 hour Mute
3rd Offense: 1 Day Mute

Blatant Server Advertising:
1st Offense: 14 Day Ban - No Appeal
2nd Offense: Permanent Ban - Appeal - Very Harsh

Unintended Server Advertising:
1st Offense: Formal Warning
2nd Offense: 6 hour Mute
3rd Offense: 3 Day Mute

***All other previous rules still stand. This is just an update for the punishment of advertising***

Speaking languages other than English is now no longer punishable. Players are allowed to speak any language. We have changed this due to the recent large amount of EU players joining.

Yes, it's finally here! The long awaited Arkham Merge - Ultimate Update has arrived! Starting from today, Vikkcraft and MCLegends have officially merged into Arkham. Alongside the merge also comes a ton of new updates, games as well as resets! A few updates/games that have already been implemented onto the network are:

New Hub

The new hub features an epic battle between The Hulk, Joker, Spiderman and Superman. This fight takes place in an alternate dimension where there is no good or bad, only chaos.

Classic SG and Lucky Block SG

Fight your way to the top with friends or as a lone wolf as you play our new games, Classic SG and Lucky Block SG. Both of these games will have you at the edge of your seat as you battle against other players to stay alive. Every mistake you make is costly, so choose your actions wisely. Both of these games were transferred over from Vikkcraft.

Profile and Friends

With the newly added Profile Page, players will now be able to access; Alliances, Achievements, Stats, Voting, Friends and Settings. You can access your profile by either right clicking the skull located in your hotbar in the hub, or by typing /profile in the hub. Bare in mind that some of these features have yet to be released.

Factions Reset

The long awaited Factions reset has finally arrived! Due to the fact that we want everybody coming from Vikkcraft and MCLegends to have a fair start on Arkham, we have reset the Factions server just in time for the rest. There is also a new custom map. Have fun!

Now go have some fun!
P.S. More updates will be pushed out within the next week.
Network Merge

Hey all of you Arkham Heroes and Villains! Throughout the past few weeks we at the Arkham Staff Team have been tirelessly working on a pretty exciting and large update that will be pushed out on the 1st of February.

The update is essentially a large merge between the three networks; Vikkcraft, MCLegends and Arkham. Main point is that Vikkcraft and MCLegends will be merging into Arkham. Now I'm sure that some of you have questions regarding this merge, so the following are the answers to some general questions;

Will there be any resets?
Yes, there will be a few resets although we haven't made a final decision on the servers that will be reset. Though one thing is for sure, Factions will be receiving a reset so that everybody will receive a fair start once the merge takes place.

Are there going to be new staff?
Yes, there are going to be many new staff members. In fact, we have already brought in a few Administrators from Vikkcraft and MCLegends. Feel free to give a warm welcome to @Luck, @Tuxx, @zwakjdii and Matt.

Will there be any new gamemodes?
Short answer, yes. From Vikkcraft, we've brought over Survival Games and Lucky Block Survival Games and at this point in time, there is no confirmation on any gamemodes from MCLegends being transferred over (Jedicraft is being looked into and worked on).

Will our donor ranks be affected in any way?
Current Arkham donors will not be affected in any way. For those of you who are here from either Vikkcraft or MCLegends, rank transfers will work as follows;

Ranks will be migrated by tier. That means the lowest VikkCraft tier (Iron) will be converted to the lowest Arkham tier...
Hey Heroes and Villains! Kyra here to remind you guys to claim your vouchers before the deadline. January 21st, 2016 is the last day you can claim the vouchers. We will redraw for winners of the remaining vouchers that night, if they are not all claimed. Be sure to message me on the forums or any other way you have contact with me for the voucher. ​

Unclaimed Vouchers:
  • sumdragon38
  • diamondz_boy
  • bomberboys
  • derpbeast
  • mda10
  • DinoBoyy
  • Zach2626
  • monsterbobreal1
  • HeyImJoker
Congrats to all of the raffle winners. If you want a chance to be picked in the next raffle you can purchase a raffle ticket with 5 paragon, or earn them from vote milestones. Keep playing, and you just might be the next winner of a raffle.

I would also like to congratulate the winners of the $10 vouchers from voting milestones. In order to be eligible for this voucher you must have at least 150 votes for the month of December. You will need to get in contact with me for these vouchers as well.

$10 Voucher Winners:

  • Mrs_Fatcat - 172 Votes
  • IamLewis_ - 167 Votes
  • Norst33 - 162 Votes
  • Garboy008 - 159 Votes
  • LunarrHD - 157 Votes
  • Sharkdevourer - 155 Votes
  • Rockiy_NL - 155 Votes
  • miner408 - 154 Votes
  • pvp_adam - 154 Votes
  • G7_zFenix - 153 Votes
  • 64BitJava - 153 Votes
  • marijn477 - 153 Votes
  • jokernoob123 - 153 Votes
  • Ninxo - 152 Votes
  • Hapi1337 - 150 Votes
  • dylfox123 - 150 Votes
  • DoomxSpotlight - 150 Votes
  • FlameDemonz - 150 Votes
  • matf3l - 150 Votes
  • ItsMeTobi - 150 Votes
  • drwill9570 - 150 Votes
Look forward to more raffles in the future. Have a good day!
Hey Heroes and Villains!

The way we view and accept/deny community suggestions has been improved. If you have not seen already, our amazing Community Manager; DoctorGlow will be taking over this process.

I know this post is a little late, but I thought there should be an official post explaining the new changes. We do care about our players and their thoughts about the server. Because in the end, the real goal is to always improve and make Arkham the best that it can be!

DoctorGlow has made a new Guide explaining these changes which can be found here,