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Hello heroes and villains!
I am proud to announce the release of Skyblock1.
This realm is set to release on Friday, July 19th, at 5:00 PM EST.
I better see you there.

Here is a list of some minor changes that I have made for this upcoming reset:

- Several eco changes. Do your best to find out what brings in the cash :)

- Miniatures have been removed

- Mob coin shop has been revised

- New crate rewards

- Awesome new spawn with a new pvp arena.

- Ores are now purchasable on /shop !

Like I said, I have not changed much. You guys all seemed to love this latest reset, and I want to make sure you still do! These eco changes will be great, and I hope to see everyone there at 5:00 pm est on Friday the 19th for this reset. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to PM me on discord
@ Dragonleet#2383


Hello Heroes and Villains!

I am proud to announce that Creative has been released, and is now open to all players!
Here are some things you might want to know.

* PvP plots are introduced! You may have your own PvP plot :)
* You are able to change your plot gamemode, as well as changing visitors gamemode.
* Trails: Once all of the trails are introduced into creative, the top 4 ranks will each receive one of their own. The trails are pretty darn cool!.. Oh, and you'll be able to purchase more on the store!

Hop on creative now and have some fun.

A starting contest is now active until the 22nd! This will be a contest in which you may participate in building a spawn area, in which if you are the winner, your plot will be chosen as the creative spawn!
DM me your submissions with pictures and your in game name @ Dragonleet#2383 on discord! Thanks!​
We will be removing Skyblock1 from the network on 6-11-19 at 3 pm EST.

Why are you getting rid of SB1?

We are removing SB1 since a majority of the players switched to SB2. SB1 is full of bugs and glitches that cause massive performance issues which makes the server unplayable. If you would like to play Skyblock still, please join /server Skyblock2.

Note: Finally the news you have all been waiting for... With the release of SB2 finally, we can now carry on our development on other gamemodes such as Factions, KitPvP, Creative and more.

Thank you for your cooperation!​
Hello heroes and villains!
I am proud to announce that skyblock2 (/server skyblock2) has been unwhitelisted and is up for beta testing until the reset. If you come across and bugs or questions , dm me via discord @ Dragonleet#2383
Skyblock Superman Release

What's up Heroes and Villains! I am proud to announce the release for the Superman Realm on Saturday, June 8th, @ 3:00 PM EST. Be there!! On this post, you can check out just some of the new features, and some stuff we've removed / fixed !

Brand new map:
We have brought in a brand new map, with a new pvp arena, a new /enchant area, as well as a public mine! This public mine can be found at /warp mine.

New Islands:
There will be TONS of new different islands to choose from!

New Island Menu:
We have made a brand new island GUI that is easy to use, and has just what you need to navigate!

Custom Enchants:
To spice up pvp a little bit, we have added custom enchants, in which there will be debuff and Nodebuff enchants along with success and destroy rates. Debuff enchants will cast a negative affect on your opponent, while Nodebuff will give you a positive affect. Use this menu with /enchanter

Ability to preview kits:
You are now able to preview all the different types of kits you can obtain at spawn.

Updated rewards for mobcoin shop:
We have added a brand new mobcoin shop gui with the command /mobcoinshop or /mcs as an alias. We have added a ton of new and improved items to the mobcoin shop. Check it out and see for yourself!

Vote Party:
We have removed the 2x sell from the vote party, and added back the vote keys for all!!! Woo!

I'm pretty excited to talk about these, as they're pretty darn cool. Without the need of a filter hopper,
Each custom hopper such as mob, ore, and crop, all have their own filters which you can customize! See the filters by shift right clicking the hopper.

Spawner Stacking:
We have removed spawner stacking. Don't worry, this is a good thing!

Spawner Upgrades:
This is a huge update, as the spawner upgrades never seemed to work! Now, each individual spawner can be upgraded to the max level of 5....
Batman Realm
Skyblock Island Contest

Hello Heroes & Villains, I, Dragonleet_, the Skyblock leader, will be hosting a Skyblock island contest, in which two players may have the opportunity to win a $25 buycraft
voucher each, and have your created island be featured in our next reset!

Don't forget to give your island a creative name, and do the best you can.
Get started on the Batman realm right now and give it your best shot!
You will have one week until Monday, 5/20/19 at 4:00 PM EST to turn your pictures in.

You may send me your pictures of the island via discord @ Dragonleet#2383
and I will then decide the top 2 islands in which the most effort is put in, and, of course, how amazing it'll look! I will be checking the islands I choose upon the decision
in-game. I wish you all the best of luck, and I hope you compete in this contest to get your very own created island featured, plus a $25 voucher on the store! Good luck to all, and have fun.

Please do not forget to look at the rules below! Any rule breaking will result in a DQ.

- Dragonleet_
You will be limited to only ONE other teammate to work with, meaning you and one...
Skyblock1 Deep Chest Removal
We will be removing deep chests from Skyblock1 on 5-14-19 due to performance issues.
Please make sure to sell all of your deep chest contents and make the switch to deep storage units which can be found in /shop.

What is a Deep Storage Unit?

Deep storage units can be used with hoppers and have practically infinite storage for the item of your choosing.
Once you choose your target item for the DSU, you can click stacks of that item in your inventory to add to the contents, as well as take stacks out. DSUs are also compatible with sell wands and can be dyed any color of your choosing.

Note: DSUs will look like an enderchest in older MC versions and will glitch if you stand on top of one. Switch to 1.11+ for the best experience.

Thank you for your cooperation!
Hulk Realm
This server is planned to release on March 30th, at 5:00 PM EST.

Prison is resetting this upcoming Saturday at 5:00 PM EST, we have a ton of new content coming for this reset and we hope to see a lot of you old heads come back and give it a try.

Let's get into the new features and what you should be expecting to see this Saturday.

Players will be able to find gems with a enchant on them and then are able to apply the enchant level to their pickaxe or backpack, Gems can be traded and sold in Chest Shops, Gems can also be combined to form larger ones.

Party System
Players are able to form a party using /party, Party's will share exp earned and split evenly between all online party members. This bonus only applies if a player has broken a block in a mine in the last 60 seconds. If a player has not broken a block in the last 60 seconds, then they are excluded from the shared exp and gain nothing and the exp would be split among the remaining party members instead.

Prestige System
When players now Prestige they will get access to a Prestige Token that will allow them to gain access to a god mode enchant that can only be gained through Prestige Token upgrades. When a player prestige's they will no longer go through each rank one by one, they will have to pay the full price to prestige through every rank in one bulk payment accessible through /rankup.
The Enchants are as followed:
EzEco: Chance to get multiple etokens when mining. Occurrence is increased per level.​

EzLambos: Extremely low chance to mine out the entire mine. Occurrence is increased per...​
Batman Realm Release
This server is planned to release on March 9th, at 3:00 PM EST.

This season of Skyblock will last 7 weeks and here are the payouts per week:
First Place $125 PayPal & $75 Buycraft
Second Place $75 PayPal & $50 Buycraft
Third Place $25 PayPal & $25 Buycraft
Fourth Place $20 Buycraft
Fifth Place $10 Buycraft

We will be having a beta release starting on March 2nd, at 3:00 PM EST for Flamingo ranks and above, During the beta there will be constant updates, fixes and changes to the economy. The purpose of this Beta is to assure that the release is as smooth as possible. All of the ideas below are subject to change during beta.

We have introduced kingdoms! There are four types of kingdoms: Arctic, End, Nether, and Overworld. Different kingdoms give different buffs including spawn buffs. You first choose one kingdom when you start and you can purchase the other kingdoms elsewhere throughout the server; however, with the addition of this it means we have made it so you can only join one island.

Valuable Block Stacker
This allows you to stack the valuable blocks such as gold, diamond, emerald, and iron blocks. To do this you left click the block and it brings up a GUI where you choose to deposit or withdraw blocks.

These are end portal frames which have a 30% chance of spawning the mob it says. The summoner's that we have are: Snowmen, villager, Skeleton Horse, Endermen, Magma Cube, Wither, and Wither Skeleton!

Boss Beacons
These beacons randomly light up at warp pvp. When they are lit they spawn the...​
Factions Venom is releasing Saturday, February 9th, at 3PM EST.

Main Features:
» Custom Enchants (revamped / simplified )
» Dynamic Economy (spawner prices will be buffed at random by 50-100% during the season)
» Weekly Events
» Flawless Cannoning
» Creeper Grenades

Four Week Season, One week of grace followed by 3 weeks of tnt. Cactus and sugarcane will be disabled and nerfed after 1 week respectively
Pay Scale: (Per Week)
1st » $150 PayPal $70 Buycraft
2nd » $100 PayPal $50 Buycraft
3rd » $50 PayPal $30 Buycraft
4th » $25 Buycraft
5th » $20 Buycraft

The focus of this revamp was to remove bugs and glitches and make a simpler system for us to work on and fix. We have also rebuilt the staff format to reduce the amount of accidental and purposeful abuse.

If you have a faction with more than 10 people pm me your faction name, faction size and what name you want so it can be reserved upon release.