Hey Heroes and Villains,

Over the last few days, the Management Team went through the entire backlog of staff applications, and accepted quite a few people. After reading through many apps, we realized that there is too much leniency on the requirements to be staff. To keep the amount of staff applications to a minimum we are enforcing these new requirements.

Staff Application Requirements

  • Skype
  • Teamspeak
  • Vindicator+ Donator Rank (Exceptions can be made if you meet all of the other requirements and have an app that outshines other.)
  • Forums Account for at least 30 days
  • Been in game within the last 30 days
  • At least 1 hour of in game time
  • No mutes or bans in the last 30 days (Warns are acceptable)
  • Instant Denials if you ask any member of staff to review your application (This includes sending your app to players in game for upvotes.)
  • If you are denied, you must wait at least 30 days before making another staff app or it will be automatically denied.
  • Do not use the same staff app that you used somewhere else or in the past.
  • Do not copy other player's staff apps.
  • Do not lie about your age (You will be demoted if we find out you are lying about this.)
  • If you are demoted you must wait at least 3 months before reapplying.
  • If you resign you must wait 30 days before reapplying,
  • You need to be an active and non-toxic member of Arkham.

Good luck to all future applicants for staff!

On another note, check out the changelog for recent bug fixes and updates today:

EULA Compliance Updates

Hey Heroes and Villains,

Just wanted to keep you updated on how EULA Compliance is going. We plan to be fully EULA Compliant this week. Now don't worry, nobody will lose their current donator ranks. This will only mean that the way to acquire donator ranks will be different from now on.

We will keep you posted on EULA updates as we rule them out.

Just in case you don't want to read the rest.

Guess Who’s Back!

Hey Heroes and Villains,

I would like to announce that I have just resigned from my position at another network to take over as Manager here again. Arkham has always been my home and it is great to be back within this community. LeeRhys has taken the position of Admin/Content Manager, and will be working with me and the devs as an assistant for our work. I can't wait to get started on releasing some awesome content updates and bug fixes!

Hey, Heroes and Villains, its your sexiest admin, shadow, here to announce our first official lucky block survival games event.

How it will work:
We will be having multiple guys of lucky block sg, every so often(3-6 games) there will be a voucher round, and who ever wins the round receives a voucher.

1-Anyone caught hacking during the game will be banned permanently as there will be multiple staff watching.
2-No teaming allowed unless told otherwise by an admin, teaming will result in an instant disqualification
3-No ghosting , meaning you cant be telling other players where the enemies or lucky blocks are in game or on teamspeak, if caught it will result in disqualification.

Every 3-6 games will be a voucher round as mentioned above, and whoever wins receives a 15$ voucher. You can not win a voucher more than 2 times.
I will be sending the vouchers to you on either teamspeak or on the forums in a conversation message.

Don't forget to join our teamspeak while in the event to communicate and have fun with everyone there. ip: ts.arkhamnetwork.org

What time will it be hosted:
The event will be hosted at 4pm EST 8pm GMT

Cant wait to see everyone
Yours truly, Shadow <3

I decided to send out a $20 coupon to every user on the forums, this code will be valid for 24 HOURS ONLY.

You can expect coupons and vouchers to be sent out on the forums EVERY WEEK from now on!

Enjoy, happy ArkhamSwag everybody!

We are tracking excessive uses on alts, use at your own peril, you will be banned if you go nuts with it.

Edit: Code is no longer valid! Has been active for 25 hours and is now being disabled, thanks to everybody that enjoyed it. Be sure to stay active on the forums and pay attention to your email for new coupons and vouchers! Thanks guys! :)​