Hello Heroes & Villains!

We recently came back into the business of being on our Social Media game, meaning we are now running the official ArkhamNetwork Twitter so do NOT be afraid to give it a follow. It will be updated weekly with Updates, Staff Changes and even links to all the new Changelogs that @Jaii does on the forums alongside upcoming events and giveaways that we may or may not do ๐Ÿ˜‰

In light of us bringing back our Twitter, I'm proud to announce an easy giveaway that we are hosting over on Twitter.

How do I enter this giveaway?

  • Tweet out #ANTwitter; Twitter Post
  • Winner will be picked on Sunday at a random time, so keep an eye on your Direct Messages on Twitter!
  • Make sure you follow & retweet the post above

I'd also like to alert you all on the 90 votes $10 voucher system that we brought back.

You can see HERE in this post, it states how to claim your voucher, however I'd like to clear a few things up.

  • Faked Screenshots will cause you in being denied assistance for your $10 vouchers.
  • All screenshots need to be visible for the Purchase Help team to view for your ticket to be answered.
  • Do NOT Privately message myself or another staff member regarding a $10 voucher, you will only be redirected back to Purchase Helps

Kindest Regards,
ArkhamNetwork Staff Team

Hey Heroes and Villains! SkillsAura here with a Plug.DJ update for you guys!

Halloween Event

on 10/23/16, we're going to be hosting a Halloween event! There will be global announcements indicating it near the initial start of this event.

What is this event?

This event will last from 5:30 PM EST to 7:00 PM EST. During this event, ONLY songs relating to Halloween or anything scary / frightful will be allowed. Staff will be on to judge each song, and eventually, decide the winner. The winner of this will receive Resident DJ!

Resident.DJ rank
$15 Arkham voucher
You said there's a revamp? Explain?

Yes! We're going to make the Plug.DJ experience the best it can be. You may now become a Resident. DJ from being active, and friendly towards the community.

We will now also enforce the Plug.DJ rules more strictly. I'm going to introduce some more Plug.DJ staff to the Manager team, and eventually re-open Plug.DJ staff applications. We're going to start expanding and allowing new types of music.

What are the perks of Resident. DJ?

Resident.DJ gets a special symbol next to their name, and will be able to host cool games & run some unique commands from the Plug.DJ bot!

Thanks guys!
~ SkillsAura

85% Off Sale + Flamingo + GKits

Hi Heroes and Villains

Flamingo is now released and it's pretty fancy. Here are some of the perks you will find:

  • The return of Bold /titlecolor
  • Announcement when you join any world
  • 5 complimentary /createtitle credits
  • OP multipliers on every server
  • Flamingo Kits
  • Flamingo Mines
  • Sick af Flamingo /titlerank and forums tag
  • No chat cooldown
  • Exclusive access to Koala love
  • /shout – Announce a message to the entire network every 6 hours
  • /b – Use Bold chat every 30 minutes
  • /pm – Colored Chat

… and a lot of other things I can't be asked + more perks to come.

See all perks here:

We also released 4 new Global Kits on the store:

  • Random Kit
  • YOLO Kit
  • ArkhamKnight Kit
  • Allegiance Kit
  • Friendship Kit (coming soon)

All of the old Global Kits are now Limited Edition and their price has been doubled.

See all global kits here:

Do you need Flamingo? Do you need these new Global Kits?
The answer is yes. This is what you've been missing in your life.

There is now a limited time 85% off sale for the release!


  • Do existing Jokers get a Squid upgrade to Flamingo? No! Jokers get Super Joker from Squid. Flamingo must be purchased separately as a Rank Upgrade.
  • Where is the Friendship kit? When is it releasing? Soon. Probably.
  • When does the sale end? By our next lambo.

Teamspeak – Karaoke Event #2

Hello fellow singers, Heroes & Villains!

I'm here to announce another Karaoke Event on Teamspeak upcoming on Saturday 8th, October 2016 @ 7PM GMT+1

I'll be handing out a $20 ArkhamNetwork Store Voucher to the best singer/rapper in the event, Judged by @Jaii & @Aatronx

The Teamspeak will be moderated by our staff team and we expect you to be on your best behaviour ๐Ÿ˜‰
Everyone that will want to sing will have to agree to being recorded, You'll be put up on my channel HERE afterwards if you manage to impress myself and Aatronx. Singers will also be picking the songs for themselves, however if its something that sounds completely trash or hurts others hearing it'll be turned off ๐Ÿ˜‰

I'll alert 30minutes before the Event on our Network, so don't be worried about missing out.

Teamspeak Download: https://www.teamspeak.com/teamspeak3

Teamspeak IP: ts.arkhamnetwork.org

I'll see you there ๐Ÿ˜‰

Helper Application FAQ

Hello guys!

If youโ€™re reading this, you are probably interested in being a part of the staff team on ArkhamNetwork! You can apply easily on our website for the opportunity to be accepted as a Helper!

Minimum Requirements
You need to make sure you meet the requirements before you apply for staff. If you do not meet these requirements, you will be denied.

  • Skype and TeamSpeak
  • Vindicator+ Global Rank
  • 500 Words minimum
  • 30 days of activity on the forums
  • No punishments for the last 30 days (excluding warns)
  • You must not have already been denied Helper in the past 30 days

Applying for Helper
If you meet the requirements, and you are interested in applying to be a staff member on the ArkhamNetwork, you can follow the following steps to apply.

  1. Make sure /syncaccount in-game with your forums account!
  2. Go to http://arkhamnetwork.org/helper-application/ , and make sure your UUID and username is properly shown on the page. If not, you probably didnโ€™t sync your account!
  3. Fill out the application
    • Be truthful on the application and do not lie about yourself
    • Do not plagiarize. Write your own application
    • Write a new application exclusively for ArkhamNetwork. No recycling!
  4. Complete the Captcha to prove youโ€™re not a robot
  5. Submit

As soon as you have submitted your application it will go through some staff members that will decide whether or not you will be accepted. It can take up to a week or more, so please be patient!

  • If denied, you will get an email to your inbox with some information about why, so when you try to apply again you know what to do better next time
  • If accepted, you will be contacted on Skype by a Head Admin ๐Ÿ™‚

Do not ask any member of staff to review your application! You will be instantly denied!

I hope this post is helpful and I wish the best of luck to all of those who apply to be a staff member on Arkham :3
If you got any questions, contact me, @PescadoMan or @Jaii