Arkham Christmas Rewards

Hey guys! KoalaSantaFatMan here with some good news and free stuff!

Start off with a few things that are gonna happen.

  • We are going to reset bans, chargeback kids will not be unbanned.
  • This is no Christmas sale because it's already 85% off, it's already super discounted, if I discount it anymore I'd be giving it away for free.
  • I am giving out a $10 voucher to EVERYBODY on Christmas, this voucher also counts as $10 off anything you have in your cart so you can get $10 off anything in the store!
  • @Redman Cometh is our new lead Developer, welcome him, he's already done Prison and Skyblock.
  • New Koala Gkit will be in the store, this gkit will consist of admin items made by all the staff and be consistently updated with new admin items as well as old ones removed. It is very possible to get something incredibly rare from this crate, any items earned from this crate will be kept permanently using the /koalaitem command. You will be able to spawn ONE item of each item per reset.
  • I am also giving out a free coupon for Vindicator that you will receive in your email.

The voucher will be sent out by mass email on the forums.
A lot of things are going to be improving over the next month since we have a developer that actually does things now.
We do have a list of people that will NOT be unbanned, those are the kids nobody likes.

As always, I love all of you.

Much love and merry christmas from KoalaSantaFatMan <3

<3 <3

Prison is almost here!

Hello Heroes and Villains,

Today is the day, we release to you a brand new revamped Prison gamemode that you can all surely enjoy. Within this gamemode, we worked on mainly optimisation and game-play features that will enhance and encourage you all to continue grinding. Of course, everything that is added in this new update will be listed on this thread here so you will not be short of any answers you may be seeking.


Spoiler: Features

So, now the features are out of the way letโ€™s throw the changelog into here along with our fixes! Please be aware, all of these were tested in development and we may of missed some things out whilst testing so if you guys find any problems with anything on this thread please report them instantly to the Bug Reports section. Thank you!


Spoiler: Changelog

Thanks for reading and we'll see you in Prison.
Kindest Regards,
ArkhamNetwork Administration

Skyblock Is Here!

Hello Heroes and Villains!

Today, we proudly release an announcement of one of our most popular gamemodes, Skyblock. Iโ€™m here to explain what is within this gamemode and when this will release.

To start with, here are the newer features that we have brought to our new Skyblock:

Spoiler: FAQ

List of newer features: (More will come after this release!)

  • Withdrawable EXP
  • Island Shards (New Economy)
  • New Hopper Limit
  • Lucky Crates
  • Tiered Spawners
  • Jobs
  • Sell Multipliers
  • Larger Islands (249×249)
  • Payable Credits
  • Larger Hopper Limit (2,000)
  • New block values

So, now that all the new features are out of the way.. This release will be on the 29th of November 2016. This gamemode will replace both Skyblock1 and Skyblock2.

Kindest Regards,
ArkhamNetwork Administration

Factions Is Here!

Hey Heroes and Villains!

We are finally announcing the long awaited reset for factions!
The development team worked really hard to provide you guys with some really cool and brand new features. I don't want to spill all the beans but I'll go ahead and give you guys a list of some of the cool new stuff we have in store, for those that are listed and show "File Corrupted" It means we aren't releasing what they are for you until the server goes up, so there is at least a tiny bit of hype for you all to wait for ๐Ÿ˜‰

New Map!

Spoiler: Open Me!


Spoiler: KOTHs

Factions Top

Spoiler: Factions Top


Spoiler: Bounties

Boss eggs

Spoiler: Boss eggs

Upgradable Spawners

Spoiler: Upgradable Spawners


Spoiler: Envoys

Custom Enchants

Spoiler: Custom Enchants

End World

Spoiler: End World

Command Potions

Spoiler: Command Potions

New McMMo Cap

Spoiler: McMMo Cap

World borders

Spoiler: World Borders

Power boost + Boosters

Spoiler: Power boost + Boosters

All these new features and a lot more awaits you on Saturday, 26st of Novemeber. Make sure you're ready to jump in the jungle, and get to the top.

Spoiler: Credits!

Kindest Regards,
ArkhamNetwork Administration

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Heroes and Villains,
iKoalas here to wish everyone a special thanksgiving!
Post in the comments below, what you are thankful for. Make them count because I am picking 3, and giving these people vouchers! Start commenting and think hard about what you wanna say. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Eat lots of food and embrace your family and friends.

Giveaway ends Monday 11/28
Giving everyone enough time to enjoy the Holidays and participate <3

Koala love for everyone <3