Hey, Heroes and Villains, it's Dylan here!

As you may already know, Prison 2 has been released!

What's new on Prison 2?

  • New spawn
  • New /warp plots spawn
  • Back to the old mines we all know and love(3 mines per warp)
  • Laser enchantment finally released
  • Changed economy
  • Brought back the old backpacks
  • Lottery added
  • /kit rank can be used every 24 hours and will give you E-Tokens depending on your prestige and rank
  • 1x E-Token per 20,000 blocks broken
  • /plot portal creates a portal to your plot(Can only be used at the /warp plots spawn and on plot roads)
  • Every prestige you will receive a 0.1x sell multiplier
  • New omnitool tiers
  • /Tutorial
  • Drugs(Not currently implemented)
  • Updated crates
  • Top 5 prestiged players at spawn
  • Top 5 players with the highest blocks-broken are displayed at spawn
  • Much more to be added in the future

What are you waiting for? Hop on /server prison2 and become the richest!

EDIT: Prison 3 has also been released, it is identical to prison 2 but all the dupes and exploits are fixed.

Skyblock 2 release

Greetings fellow Arkham Worshippers,

As you might have seen SKYBLOCK 2 is now released! /server skyblock2 🙂

50% off Buycraft sale!

WARNING: any bugs that occur on the newly released Skyblock, please report. We appreciate it :).

What is new on Skyblock 2?

  • The server is fit with a new spawn built by the one and only Umigra!
  • There are new islands for you to explore.
  • We have created a parkour path which after finishing you receive 125k in-game money.
  • We've redone the tutorial NPC and clicking the top book will show you around the server. After completing the tutorial you will be granted 25k in-game money!
  • Spawner grinding isn't necessarily the primary source of income, farming is highly encouraged :).
  • The paragon store has been certified balanced.
  • Crates have been reworked so they are balanced. /warp crates
  • Ranks on the Skyblock 2 server have been reworked so they're balanced.
  • Items purchased on Buycraft will be delivered to both Skyblock 1 & 2, at no extra fee.
  • You can blacklist players using /is ban.
  • You can convert gold nuggets into gold ingots using /ingot.
  • More NPC's have been added to spawn for a better directional compass around the server.

Thank you for playing on the Arkham Network! keep informed with server-side updates on here! Inform us with any bugs/suggestions on the forums.

Yours sincerely, Branislav // Arkham Staff Team.

Congratulations to the faction "Illuminus" for raiding the RaidEvent base and winning the first ever event on PvPLegends!

Hey, Heroes and Villains, it's Shadow here.
PvPLegends is doing its very first Raid Event.

What is a Raid Event?
A raid event is an event in which any faction can participate in, there will be a claimed base that can be cannoned in to and the first faction to break in to it will receive a reward!

How do you participate?
The faction which has the base claimed is called 'RaidEvent', the co-ordinates are in the faction description. /f who RaidEvent. In order to win, YOU MUST RECORD YOUR FACTION BLOWING INTO THE BASE. I cannot stress this enough, this is to minimize the amount of players tp-glitching and to confirm winners.

Are there any prizes?
Yes, of course!

  • 1x Iron Golem Spawner
  • 1x Blaze Spawner
  • 4x 'Protection 4 Unbreaking 4' sets of diamond armor
  • 1x Oberon V book
  • 10x Creeper egg
  • 5 15$ buycraft vouchers (1 for the owner of the faction and the other 4 are chosen by the faction leader) , you must have video proof

The item rewards will go to the faction leader.

What are the rules?
NO GLITCHING – if we catch anyone or have proof/reports of people glitching and making claims or something that isn't you drilling through the walls with a cannon and fighting to achieve victory, your faction will be disbanded or you will be banned, just like that.

The first faction that blows their way into the base will be the winner and will be victorious BUT THEY WILL NEED PROOF (such as recording). You must have proof that you blew your way in, if you don’t have proof that you blew your way in then it won’t count.

NO RANDOM CLAIMS – meaning you are not allowed to randomly claim around the border of the base if you aren’t even going to try to raid the base (The claims will be removed).

Credit to @JiNJaProductionz for making the thread <3

We need your help!

Hey guys, Serayne92 here to let you know that we're in need of your help!

If you have any suggestions or ideas for our current gamemodes, let me know!

We're taking everything into consideration and a lot of the staff are helping me come up with content now so it's a network that more geared towards what YOU the players want.

Please keep in mind that we are not doing new gamemodes or minigames, we are going to greatly improve on what we currently have. Our focus for the time being is set on Prison and Skyblock.

You can contact me on my Skype Christopher.Raphial