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    Hey Heroes and Villains,

    We have just released a new update on our voting system. Voting will now reward you through vote parties. A vote party is triggered when a certain amount of votes on the vote counter are reached. This is different per server, and can be viewed on the scoreboard. As soon as the vote goal is reached everyone online on the gamemode will receive the same exact random amount of paragon. All players online will also receive a vote key when this goal is met.

    Paragon won from vote parties ranges from 1 to 11. You can use this paragon to purchase in game items in the /paragon shop.You can earn 4x voting points through watching advertisements on RewardCraft, 4x a day. This link can be found in the /vote gui.

    Voting milestones have also been updated and will get translated into party points as well.

    Vote Milestones
    • 20 votes = +15 extra voting points
    • 40 votes = +25 extra voting points
    • 60 votes = +50 extra voting points
    We have made this change so that our voting system would comply with Mojang's EULA.
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  2. You get more keys + paragon than before with this too. Win-win.
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  8. Sorry to be like this, and I know you guys are dealing with a lot right now, but this is the dumbest thing ever. Out of all the things you could've done to make it EULA compliant, this is probably one of the worst.
  9. rewardcraft thing does not work for me. always "We can not serve you an ad right now. Try again later."
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  11. wheres the voucher.......
  12. i just claimed my votes from the past days i didnt get more keys i had 10 to claim got one with the vote party happened at 200 votes and only 2 paragon i was at 44 now 46 from claiming 10 votes that its way less then what i would have gotten from before this
  13. What is gonna be in the paragon store now???
  14. Yeah 1 voting key for 250 votes! Why cant it be one Mythical key because one voting keys Is worth less then dirt