Thank you Staff Team!

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Who do you think should be staff

  1. You

  2. Billy Bob Joe

  3. Billy

  4. Bob

  5. Joe

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    I wanted to thank the staff team and everything they do for the server. I am going to give a special shoutout to Cloud7050 and Fatcat for helping me these past couple of weeks. They have helped me with things and learn about the server more and more so that i can have a great understanding of it. I am very thankful that Serayne92 has given them a chance on the arkham server because it would be very different without them. Thank you Staff Team for always being there for your players! Also a little note to the players. Just because staff cant be there doesnt mean that they dont care, your not the only one they have to worry about. You are not someone who gets special privelages because your you. Every player on arkham needs to be treated the same and fairly. Be aware that staff try's there absolute best to make a day on arkham feel like the best part of your day! Thank you for coming to this post and here is the whole staff team!
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  2. Please learn the difference between your and you're.
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  3. Also i just forgot the definitions. your is something that you own. You're is you are
  4. Dude this guy went in all the trouble to write a thank you letter and you completely ruined it by butting in and being rude. Show some respect to these people.
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  5. I answered you because I read it as the poll saying.
    "You should be staff"
    Ez demote for me.

    That's what jezzalinko does. I'm a jerk by having fun at others expense. Jezzalinko is just a jerk.
  6. He's sucking up, I aint a fan of that.
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  7. Try hard. Can't even spell properly and hopes to get staff.
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  8. I find that ironic coming from you.
    While you may be negative. I agree.
  9. Wow, giving a shoutout to staff and i get a dis for doing that and apparentally im a suck up. ehhhhhhhh. feels bad man, feels bad, but whatever people have there own opinions
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  10. Read what I said above.

    That's just what jezzalinko does. I'm a jerk for having fun at others expense. Jezzalinko is just a jerk.
  11. Thanks :>

    p.s. there rood
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  12. They're*

    p.s. <3
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  13. Jezalinko*
    I'm no jerk. The truth hurts.
  14. I'm sorry bby. <3. Have a nice one.
  15. their*
    lmao people who make these types of thread are after one thing

    getting staff.
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  16. I guess the English language is not one of their strengths :p

    Just a harmless joke don't be mad :)
  17. or he's like 4
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  18. you make very good points sir
  19. i always do
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  20. lol Good one They're*

    p.s. pls dnt hrt me
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