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  1. Hey Heroes and Villains!

    Today, I'm going to be explaining what happened with our Staff Application system here on Arkham and why it was slightly neglected and no responses were given to those that applied and for those that had been accepted.

    So before I can start with this, here are a few things that I should more than likely note down for you all.
    • Requirements haven't changed, however some of them can be bypassed if you amaze us in your application.
    • You can still be auto-denied if you ask ANY staff member to check out your application, this even includes asking them to check the status of it.
    • If you are caught using a stolen application, you'll be auto-denied and might not be considered in the future.
    • Denial response on your applications will be given via email.

    Anyhow, with that being out of the way, lets put the points of the current state of our Applications Team in the open.
    • We are currently limited to 15 people that will be reviewing your applications, these people will be checking for your previous history on Arkham, seeing whether you were ex-staff and monitoring your statistics of your time stated on the application.
    • Your applications are checked by us all, meaning every detail will be read thoroughly.
    • Our team know what they are doing when checking for every detail, if you lie there is a high possibility they will deny you.
    • If you don't receive a response within 1 week, it's safe to say that your application was either DENIED or LOST
    As per usual, have a lovely evening/day and best of luck for those that are applying for staff.

    Kindest Regards,
    ArkhamNetwork Administration
  2. Nice.

  3. jaims why do you have to steal my first fam :(
  4. james u tryhard newb
  5. wait so i posted an application over 1 month and a half ago, does this mean i should think its denied or that its still pending orrr?
  6. erm so many staff, u should probs close for a while.
  7. hi daugther
  8. Reapply.

    we had 70 staff at one point, we are only at 53.
  9. Pescado says my staff application is still there, and its been a month. He also said that reviewing staff applications is taking longer than usual, is it still delayed?
  10. Don't double post Tom
  11. so if we have a app that has been there for ages we should reapply??
  12. Do I have to write my application again? Or do I have to wait bit more? Or is it denied?
  13. You have to wait 1 month to reapply, so if nothing happens till then redo it
  14. You should have received an email if it was denied. If you haven't received a reply yet, it may have been lost. I simply contacted a admin to see if my application was still there, I'm not sure if that's still the correct solution.
  15. i have a staff app been there for about 2 months now do i reapply though??
  16. ye go ahead
  17. ok, thanks