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  1. Run From the Beast was a fun survival mini game that allowed players to parkour their ways to the end of a parkour map while being chased by another player in god gear. When they reached the end they were rewarded with god gear of their own. They would then be transported back to the start and would then be given the chance to hunt down the monster and win the game, or wait out the timer.

    I think this gamemode should be added back because it was a well played gamemode for a time (school started back up and it died down) and got around the same amount of players as Oldschool prison gets around morning PST. I believe that if we added this gamemode back it would get around that again plus more.

    I know that some people will respond with “but Arkham isn’t a mini-game server!” And I know this, but having some mini games would allow players to continue playing on Arkham when they’re bored. For example you might be grinding E-tokens on prison and be like “I’m bored of this, I want to go play [Insert mini-game server name]” Then they could go to a hub or /server and select the mini game of their choice that is on arkham, and not have to go to another mini game server.

    More mini games will also allow more variety and Arkham and bring in more players due to the amount of things they could do, mine on prison, run from the beast, a round of skywars, then some kit, etc. This could help keep players coming back and increase the average player count.
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  2. Wait... it was deleted?!!?!
  3. yeah there was a big old post a while ago saying arkham isn't accepting any new (or recycled) game modes.

    sorry, mayne.
  4. *sits in corner and rocks back and forwards*
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  5. My life story
  6. Denied
    • The suggestion has contained reviving an old gamemode and/or a suggestion of a new gamemode
    Arkham is not accepting any suggestions at all that suggest new game modes to the network or bringing back older game modes and/or minigames. So please do not go about making suggestions for this, or it will be denied.
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