Revamped Skyblock Is Coming Soon!

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  1. Hello Heroes and Villains!

    Today, we proudly release an announcement of one of our most popular gamemodes, Skyblock. I’m here to explain what is within this gamemode and when this will release.

    To start with, here are the newer features that we have brought to our new Skyblock:

    Sell Multipliers:
    Q: How do these work?
    A: Basically, you gain Multipliers and they in turn give you boosts on selling items via /sellhand and /shop.

    Q: How do we get these Multipliers?
    A: So, we have another feature that connects to this which is called a “Lucky Crate”. These are purchasable on our store and are part of our Pay2Win aspects of Skyblock. These Lucky Crates will have the sell multipliers in them amongst many other items and features. This will be the only way you can gain the sell multipliers.

    Q: Will they ever expire or disappear after a period of time?
    A: No, your multipliers will never expire. Seeing as you are buying the Lucky Crates via Buycraft qwe have made them stick to you and made them permanent.

    Q: Are they personal multipliers or server-wide?
    A: We made them Personal multipliers. You can check other people’s Multipliers by doing “/multiplier get {username}”.

    Q: What.. You added Jobs?? What are Jobs?
    A: Well, it’s a pretty simple aspect taken from Towny. You assign yourself to a job, you complete the tasks given depending on the job you take and earn the rewards at the end of a Minecraft day.

    Q: Do jobs get harder as you work longer?
    A: Yes, the experience required to level up to the next level in your job gets larger.

    Q: What rewards can we gain from them?
    A: Something we added called “Island Shards” is just one of the many rewards you can get!

    Q: Are we limited to how many Jobs we can get?
    A: Yes, you can only get three Jobs. However, you can quit one job and join another but upon leaving a particular job you lose all experience made in that job so when you rejoin, you will start at level 1 again.

    Q: What Jobs will you be able to get?
    A: Well, here are a bunch of jobs: Woodchuck, Hunter, Fisherman, Farmer, Bountyhunter, Blacksmith and Chef.

    Island Shards:
    Q: What are Island Shards?
    A: Good question! Island Shards is a brand new currency that we added to the economy. You can withdraw them and sell them to other players to help them succeed within Skyblock with the command “/iswithdraw {amount}”.

    Q: I'm still a bit confused, how will Island Shards actually benefit me or my friends?
    A: Well, you can use them to do all sorts of things, of course you can withdraw them and help out friends by dropping them to your friends… Discover the full potential of Island Shards as you play!

    Q: What can we spend Island Shards on?
    A: You can reset your /is challenges, meaning you can revert all progress made and get the rewards again!

    Q: How do we get Island Shards?
    A: You can earn Island Shards from simply playing, completing jobs and challenges, purchasing them from Buycraft and completing Achievements.

    Spawner Tier System:
    Q: What..? I’m confused, what exactly is the Spawner Tier System?
    A: Great question! This system will basically multiply how many mobs spawn in the chunk radius.

    Q: How do we upgrade these spawners?
    A: You only have to rightclick your spawner and click to upgrade it.

    Lucky Crates
    Q: Lucky Crates? What exactly are they?
    A: Lucky Crates are a feature that contains both cosmetic and non-cosmetic perks that you can buy off of our Buycraft.

    What can you get in these Lucky Crates?
    A: You can get all sorts of stuff! Ranging from: Particles to consumable effects.

    Q: How does it work roughly?
    A: It’s simple, it’s all based on a Chance System. You can gain stuff at a low rate or at a high rate.

    Q: Are they similar to our current Crates system, or will they be introduced a separate feature?
    A: They work completely differently. Basically, you open a crate like a Goodwill Crate and it’ll pop up a roulette wheel and you’ll have a certain chance to gain an item from it. Once it lands on your item, you exit the crate and you receive the respective rewards.

    Q: Do I get to win free Flamingo
    A: No, ranks are not in these crates.

    New Hopper limit:
    Q: What’s the new Hopper limit?
    A: We updated it to 2,000. Yes, Players complained about it being too low so we upped it to 2,000.

    Q: What happens if I try to place more Hoppers than the limit?
    A: It won’t allow you to do that. Simple.

    New Paragon Shop:
    Q: Are there more rewards now?
    A: Yes, sort of. We added all sorts of new things, but you’ll have to wait until the release for that ;)

    Adjusted Block Values:
    Q: Block Values? What?
    A: Ah, well. When you place a block, it gives a certain island level.

    Q: What has been changed about the Block Values?
    A: For instance, Diamond Blocks now give 2 Island Levels, Gold Block’s give 1 Island Level and Emerald/Iron gives 0.5 Island Levels.

    List of newer features: (More will come after this release!)
    • Withdrawable EXP
    • Island Shards (New Economy)
    • New Hopper Limit
    • Lucky Crates
    • Tiered Spawners
    • Jobs
    • Sell Multipliers
    • Larger Islands (249x249)
    • Payable mcMMO Credits (You can send to your friends)
    • Larger Hopper Limit (2,000)
    • New block values (Change of the island level value of certain blocks)

    So, now that all the new features are out of the way.. This release will be on the 29th of November 2016. This gamemode will replace both Skyblock1 and Skyblock2.

    Kindest Regards,
    ArkhamNetwork Administration
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  10. nice! But can we at least keep an sb 1 and sb 2... it works better imo. Some players don't want to work on one sky block server because players get so high so fast. Just reset them both and give them both the same revamps: spawn, island sizes etc