Prison is almost here!

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  1. Hello Heroes and Villains,

    Today is the day, we release this announcement to you about our brand new revamped Prison gamemode that you can all surely enjoy. Within this gamemode, we worked on mainly optimisation and game-play features that will enhance and encourage you all to continue grinding. Of course, everything that is added in this new update will be listed on this thread here so you will not be short of any answers you may be seeking.

    /tokentop - This is one of many good newer features, this shows the top 10 players on the server to have the most e-tokens. This updates whenever someone gets more and more e-tokens, so it’s more so of a race than anything if you want to stay above all of the other inmates.

    /ranklist - Another great feature, this shows all 50 mines in one GUI which you can click and purchase the rank upgrade to, you can even click on the 50th rank and it'll upgrade you to it if you have enough meaning /rankup is pretty much pointless now ;)

    Drugs - Yes, they are finally here. We have added a unique bunch of drugs to our gamemode which were promised for Prison2 and were never released nor thought about.

    /enchanting - This is our vanilla enchanting store, you can purchase a vanilla enchant to your sword/tools to improve your PvP/PvE gameplay without needing an omnitool.

    Custom Omnitool Enchants - We have brought some newer custom enchants to your omnitool these include ones like: Driller, Key Excavator and Sell out.

    Bombs - We are proud to announce our new bomb system, each bomb is designed specifically to seek an owner to raise havoc and destruction in the mines.

    New Mines - Thanks to Respah and his team we have brought to you guys 50 new mine designs, and new statues.

    New Spawn - Once again, thanks to Respah and his team we have a brand new spawn and PvP Arena.

    Boss Eggs - Yes, this is something that has been longfully awaited. Thanks to the help of @54D he gave us some nice names and perfect ways to manage these bosses, the names for them all are.
    • Void's Unmerciful
    • The Revenant
    • The Necromancer
    • The Berserker

    So, now the features are out of the way let’s throw the changelog into here along with our fixes! Please be aware, all of these were tested in development and we may of missed some things out whilst testing so if you guys find any problems with anything on this thread please report them instantly to the Bug Reports section. Thank you!

    Existing Issues Fixed:
    - Increased the proc rate of the Enrage enchantment by 1.5x
    - Disallowed the use of large disguises and all sidekicks in mines
    - Removed Potions and Non-god-apple gold apples from Crate Rewards
    - Made max balance 10 Quintillion.
    - Re-added /workbench
    - Raised the max fortune enchant level to 7,000
    - Removed particles from the mines/enchants
    - Allow the use of workbenches on the road of the Plot world (currently, players don’t have the permission node unless op)
    Fixed the /gift glitch. When gifting banknotes and such it sometimes wouldn't appear in their friend’s /box
    Fixed the banknote redeeming glitch. When redeeming bank notes that will cause you to go over max bal, it would just disappear.
    Made it so people are not allowed to redeem bank notes that will cause you to go over the max balance.

    Thanks for reading and we'll see you in Prison.
    Kindest Regards,
    ArkhamNetwork Administration
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  3. When is release?
  4. @Jaii Is this running globally to p1-3 or is it going to be like it is now where theres like literally 3 diff prisons. are these features going to be on p1 2 and 3?
  5. I can dupe till 10quint now thx
  6. HYPEEE, love the updates <3
  7. lovingly huging hyped to get back and check it out, currently overseas.
  8. Prison 1 is down so assuming its updating
  9. Thank Jesus, babe
  10. increased max bal to 10 quint... gee i wonder who wanted that @WordsOfWesdom ...
    also thank god no more large mobs
    Rip wes & senpai
  11. Finally, looking forward to playing it but overseas atm :(
  12. I love you
  13. Take my babies! ;D!
  14. Wait. Do we have to start over progress? Or do we keep our stuff be4 the update?
  15. Nice features
  16. We restart
  17. what about the things on factions? we have been waiting for 2 or more weeks, "koths envoys custom enchants" Why did you guys start resetting other gamemodes before finishing the others? Serayne said that everything would be added before 15th, its now 15th but cant see anything new on factions. I know that a lot of players will say "staff is busy" first of all staffs are not coding, coelho is (idk if he still is the dev). We waited enough i guess. We want the updates that you promised :/