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Discussion in 'Archived Support' started by SepticNinja, Jan 5, 2017.

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  1. Everyone Is Scamming Me For Money,Spawners And Everything I trusted People And They Scam Me. Someone Today Who I Thought I Trusted Stole All My Spawners, I Also Got Scammed Today For 4.3m When Using A profit Shop Then He Broke And Replaced The Sign With The Correct Price And No One Believed Me. I Now Have No Spawners Only 2.251m (Because I Made Some Money From Profit Shops) And I Have No Trust In People Please Help Me.
  2. This a server where people scam one another, nothing you can really do about it
  3. Hey, SepticNinja!

    I'm sorry but scamming In-game items is allowed and as Remix stated above, nothing can be done about it. When doing trades in the future, I recommend you to PM an online staff member (Online staff can be seen through /staff) and ask them to be a middleman in the trade to ensure you don't get scammed. Keep in mind not all staff like to do middlemans in trades nor are obligated to doing so. If they say no, please don't bug them. Other than that, just be very wary when giving items away.

    Also, did you create this thread in hopes of seeing if anything could be done (From a staff member; assistance wise), or to see if users could give you items to help you on the server?
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  4. That sucks man, but its your choice on who to trade with. Safest is to Staff trade for IRL Deals, but /trade is useful.
    That being aside, i know how you feel xD I restarted Skyblock twice. One being the actual reset and the other on having someone take all my IGs/Creepers and I dropped 44 million into the void xD
  5. rekt
    and the best thing to do is just TRUST NO ONE thats my motto
  6. Unfortunately, scamming is allowed. As such, nothing can be done about the people who have scammed you. However, as @Pokemoners123 mentioned, you can ask staff to facilitate IRL deals, or use /trade.
  7. As said above, scamming is not against the rules, and you can not be punished for it unless the person you scammed has lost real life money. Scamming will most likely never become against the rules, at least not soon.

    Do you have further enquiries or may I lock this thread?
  8. @SepticNinja , on Arkham you can never TRUST anyone , not even your best friend ;)

    (P.S. You can kinda trust staff sort of ...)
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