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    Hey Heroes and Villains!

    Tomorrow for me, the 29th of August I'll be hosting a mini-event which will include multiple songs that you guys can sing happily and all get along.. for once.. maybe?

    Anyways, the teamspeak ip is below and any questions of course, you can question myself or another member of staff on teamspeak! I hope to see you there, because of course it's going to be fun.

    • You can pick songs that you want everyone to sing, I'll have 3 staff members help me choose song suggestions.
    • Anyone recording without permission will be banned for an hour, simple rules state.
    • This will start at 7pm GMT+1 (I'll alert on the server when its about to start, so come online if you are confused) or, in 39 hours from here for those that are confused.
    Teamspeak IP

    Read the whole post here.
  2. gg
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  3. Hot.
    GG on trolling skills though.
  4. No prize...
  5. ;-;

    I felt like it was a prank but I wasn't sure :p That def woke me up.
  6. Lol, I thought he's gonna be demoted. Kek pranks.
  7. I'll be doing something very special.
  8. This is the the most wettest event on arkham.
  9. making a meme squad v2
  11. I remember there was a post called arkham staff singing let it go...fml
  12. Check my channel. I might have it.
  13. 54D wts ur channel
  14. What time will it be in eastern time?
  15. 24 hours remaining!
  16. Sounds fun :eek:
  17. please tell us there will be a prize for us embarrassing our self like I hardly like speaking in skype calls no longer singing in front of many people