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    Hello Heroes and Villains!

    To start with, I was recently promoted from Admin to Content Manager, meaning I now assist with all upcoming and newer features to our Network, which is also what this thread is going to be about!

    So, I'm deciding to revamp the factions gamemode.. you may of seen me already on there asking questions for what you guys would prefer to see within the next season however most opinions were just spammed and ideas were just biased and pulled together by me.. However, that is what I don't want, I want you guys to come together and suggest what you want to see within the next season. Please, do not think this means the current map is going to end right now.. as most ideas we may get might take some time to code/finish up, so you guys have plenty of time to suggest what you want to see the most within next season!

    Suggest here: http://arkhamnetwork.org/community/forums/suggestions.18/create-thread

    Read the whole post here.
  2. First. Great work and congrats Jaiii!
  3. yes guy

    very grats
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  4. kewl :3
  5. This is a facs 2 right ? Or a reset of the current facs
  6. This is a full rework of Factions, that is why I'm asking for everyone's suggestions
  7. I usually don't have a group to play factions with but I would like to see how long i can play it. I will just try to be balance top.
  8. I suggest you concentrate on making a better kitpvp first rather than changing a factions server that works. When I say make a better kitpvp, I mean either make an arena pvp server or completely revamp kitpvp, make it pot pvp not soup, make it a good quality server so no map that makes everyone lag. Make it have no lag unlike kit where ping doubles randomly, and make it so that it's actually playable for anyone who doesn't have 0ms. The current one is broken and needs to be fixed rather than lovingly huging factions.
  9. Thank you for your input, it would be really appreciated if you can put this as a suggestion here: http://arkhamnetwork.org/community/forums/suggestions.18/create-thread .
  10. Should really be in the announcement section for more exposure, but sounds great ;)
  11. Great Idea! Congrats Jaii.
  12. Suggestion has been taken into action, thank you bud!
  13. Can't wait
  14. Grats Jaii!!
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