Faction Rules

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  1. Faction rules
    Factions caught having more than 20 chunk buffer limit, will be disbanded on the spot. A 20 chunk buffer equates to 160 genned walls
    (The buffer is measured from the exterior wall of your base and does not include the base itself)
    Punishment will be a warning, if you don’t listen to it, your faction will be disbanded

    No lag machines.
    Punishment will be permban with appeal

    Factions caught making their base less than 15 chunks away from another Faction will have their base unclaimed
    Punishment will be /f unclaim, no warning

    No cobble monstering in people's lands
    (aka bypassing their lands claim)

    Punishment will be a 7d tempban without appeal

    No type of glitching

    Creeper eggs

    Punishment will be a 15d tempban

    (if caught more than 3 times it’ll be permban)

    Tp-trapping is not allowed under any circumstances

    Punishment will be:
    1st Offense: 1d Tempban
    2nd Offense: 3d Tempban
    3rd Offense: 7d Tempban
    4th Offense: 30d Tempban

    The rest of the rules for the server is found

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.