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  1. no lovingly hug off no one likes you
  2. Ok for delays fam
  3. I'm sure everyone feels that way about you.
    +1 more delays. WE NEED MORE!
  4. @MuiltiNormal
    guis y r al prayzing serayne92 cus is canceros ownr guis
    we is mutiny cus dis serayne92 is actuly makin plan to destroi us guis serayne92 es makin excuze abut "delays"
  5. why do you keep on lovingly huging replying to me, I didnt want you to stop commenting on my poop it was your idea for us to both go our own ways or what ever but you just keep commentating on poop i have been and quoting my poop like why
  6. autist
  7. you? indeed
  8. Your the one spamming me. Are you actually stupid? That's irrelevant to this thread. Don't go offtopic.
  9. says you lovingly hug off
  10. Yeah exactly says me.
    I'm gonna stop responding to you here. This is the wrong place for that.
  11. k go neck now
  12. some things are for certain:

    Chicago Bears are a dumpster fire. The Bulls soon to follow.
    Good craftsmanship takes time.

    little minecraft kids are too impatient.
    when they don't get what they want right away they stomp their feet,
    the cry in their teddy bears
    all because they can't get instant satisfaction and their world is going to end.

    go outside. find some patience.
  13. Agreed.
    I want more delays tho.
  14. You are lovingly huging retarded. If you cant keep a promise, don't make it. Serayne knew he was incapable of creating custom enchants in a short period of time but still said he was going to implement it by a certain date to make the community happy. He then continues to blame everyone but himself for his problems. "There were to many dupe glitches" no poop there are going to be glitches, that's part of the creating and editing process.
  15. Calling one of the most sensible and logical thinking people in arkham retarded... Have fun with that man.
  16. no bulls are good

    hes talking about you lmao
  17. yay
  18. Don't micropost.
    Keep being excited.
    Keep having fun
    Have a nice day.
  19. Thank

    (Shoutout to harrysbird if anyone's an old member here lmao)
  20. calm yourself, child