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  1. Don't suck up too much.
  2. Ouch that hurts...
  3. you flamingo?
  4. i didnt /shout and it wasnt Arkham, It was the server Serayne linked.
  5. ahh he got a new server
  6. t
    think so men, might be replacement for mcl
  7. i think he removes the sb of now and replaces with this
  8. xD im not a kid you dumb poop
  9. Fix faction Tps that would be great
  10. It's Friday still no Custom enchants :(
  11. Read what the thread says.
  12. Read more lies? More bullpoop? More excuses?
  13. Seems legit to me.
  14. Serayne, you stacked so many promises up, its higher than ever now.-

  15. Rest in many pieces datacenter... :(
  16. Update:
    Still working on CE and Envoys, we've found a ton of dupes the last 48 hours on Arkham that we've had to patch.
  17. it ok ill find more dupe and report them to you as undercover admin!
  18. Tell me once u know
  19. I mean atleast they are coming