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  1. Hey guys, I know things are getting delayed, we're working insanely hard to get things out but it's quite a lot of work and everytime we start working on something, something else side tracks us.

    We're working on getting another developer to help ease some of the workload because it's absolutely insane right now. I'm sorry guys, trying our best here.

    I love you guys, please excuse the delays. Custom Enchants and Envoys will be done before Friday peak time for sure, we've just recently acquired and a datacenter screwup completely destroyed 12 hours of work on transferring it and we're stuck twiddling our thumbs waiting for them to fix their mistake.

    I just wanted to let you guys know that we're not just jerking off doing nothing.
  2. first

    but dw dad i'm just happy that this will happen
  3. second

    lit man, don't worry about delays <3
  4. How about if factions Custom Enchants dont come out by Friday @Serayne92 i get Flamingo rank for free ;)
  5. Me to!

  6. Me too!
  7. @TacoArrest and @BigDaddy14 no i want Flamingo rank, been playing on here since early 2014 I want the highest rank already. xD
  8. same here :D
  9. At least you explained why they haven't come out yet instead of Coelho saying "coming soon"
  10. Me too <3
  11. didnt read comment just wanted to comment
  12. with me being back, for sure we'll be bringing some nice stuff out.
  13. fix the tps thx
  14. hello men))
  15. Yeah lol
  16. Well when Custom Enchants and Envoys are out, wont the tps get worse. On factions tps is never above 11 or 12 please work on that
    Much love -Narutoboy66(DOING IRL DEALS I HAVE 150mil SB2)(#NOTASELLOUT)
  17. Lol, kid trying to sneak in an irl deal into his message
  18. If it's comming I don't care about delays it's fine

    We know ur working as hard as u can daddy
  19. went on that server and shouted 'Serayne Is Bae!!!'

    Thank me later men.