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    Hello Heroes & Villains!

    We recently came back into the business of being on our Social Media game, meaning we are now running the official ArkhamNetwork Twitter so do NOT be afraid to give it a follow. It will be updated weekly with Updates, Staff Changes and even links to all the new Changelogs that @Jaii does on the forums alongside upcoming events and giveaways that we may or may not do

    In light of us bringing back our Twitter, I'm proud to announce an easy giveaway that we are hosting over on Twitter.

    How do I enter this giveaway?

    • Tweet out #ANTwitter; Twitter Post
    • Winner will be picked on Sunday at a random time, so keep an eye on your Direct Messages on Twitter!
    • Make sure you follow & retweet the post above
    I'd also like to alert you all on the 90 votes $10 voucher system that we brought back.

    You can see HERE in this post, it states how to claim your voucher, however I'd like to clear a few things up.

    • Faked Screenshots will cause you in being denied assistance for your $10 vouchers.
    • All screenshots need to be visible for the Purchase Help team to view for your ticket to be answered.
    • Do NOT Privately message myself or another staff member regarding a $10 voucher, you will only be redirected back to Purchase Helps
    Kindest Regards,
    ArkhamNetwork Staff Team

    Read the whole post here.
  2. 3rd. I may create a twitter account just for that.
  3. Nice, good to see we are getting back into the Social Media side of Arkham.

  4. ty for doing a giveaway! very kind sir!
  5. hawt bb
  6. So whats the reward again?
  7. Why can't I rate anyones posts, this is duuuuumb
  8. You cannot give a rating in server announcements.
  9. omg stop saying ur bringing everything back.... because in a week it will just be gone

    it was said that serayne's youtube would come back so many times but it never did.... same with the twitter.... also there was an Arkham network instagram at one point that no one talks about anymore... etc. etc.

  10. Great to bring back social media!
  11. jaiii so what your saying is that you will get rid of a troll command but not add /rankupall in prison
  12. Gl to every1 ;)
  13. That's awesome! Hope everything goes great with Twitter!!