A Slight Delay

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    Hey guys it's Redmancometh, and I just want to give everyone an update on the content for Factions we're releasing tonight. We've had some issues with the Vanilla-like enchant behavior (combining books, combining armor together for higher levels, etc) and we're working on polishing it up..

    We will be releasing it tonight, but it's going to be quite late tonight (as late as 2-3a). Rest assured we're working diligently to get you your new content!
  2. First - and as long as the new features work fine, I'm sure myself and all others can forgive you for a slight delay ;)
  3. Second bois
  4. at least it's coming, better late than never right??
  5. 4 mins till tomorrow
  6. Late is better than ever. Static is hyped for this update in all everyone combined has over 1mil xp or even more. To be honest, I am a little disappointed but I'm sure if I was in your shoes, It would take longer so keep up the great support fam <3.

    CHA BOI- NarutoBoy66 (DOING IRL DEALS I HAVE 150mil ON SB2)(#notasellout)
  7. better than coelho saying "its soon"
  8. Great to see an announcement made about this instead of an unknown reason for delay :)
  9. lol Ikr so true
  10. dank, finally the updates are here
  11. It's been so long since the last update.
  12. you`re all pricks who play minecraft and you are so lovingly huging sad you have depression.
  13. dad it is okay good that you told us
  14. kys