3rd January, 2017

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    • Fixed a bug with explosion enchant causing blocks to drop
    • Significantly altered the way explosion removed blocks
    • Buffed the explosion radius per level on explosion
    • Slightly increased proc chance of jackhammer enchant
    • Increased chance of key excavator
    • Slight increase nausea intensity and duration in 'PCP' drug mechanic
    • Increased rate of mine re-spawns to accommodate more miners
    • Vanilla enchanting shop has been re-added with the full compliment of enchants
    • Increased proc chance of autosell
    • A few price tweaks in the shard shop
    • Re-enabled depositing shards from items
    • Re-enabled the shardshop (it was disabled about 4 hours)
    • Fixed a potential dupe with shards
    • Lucky crates are now obtainable through various means
    • Fixed fire trail lucky crate item
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