3 Jul 2016

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  1. This is the work we've done the past week. We're working on a Towny reset, and working on EULA compliance, so mind us being a bit slow.


    • Blocked more words used for advertisement
    • Dupe bug where you shift click in anvils has been fixed. Shift clicking in anvils is now disabled
    • Fixed broken checkout screen on the store https://gyazo.com/5a7e5d1ad1adf8d0e3c57090f5f645ab
    • /paytoggle has been fixed
    • /trade has been modified so you can [Click To Accept] in chat
    • /shop bug fixed where if you have no slots left in your inventory, Buy <X> and Buy 1 will report that your inventory is full, even if a stack of the item type is not full
    • /shop, [ITEM], and more will now show a more descriptive item name for unnamed items that better matches the name on your Minecraft client
    • When picking Hero/Villain, you could use /goto to bypass the selection. Fixed
    • You can now watch advertisements (/vote -> Voting Links) 4 times a day to receive a guaranteed Uncommon Key everytime. You have a 20% chance of getting a Rare or above
    • HeroWars, SchoolMC, and CandyCraft have been merged
    • Website now redirects to ArkhamNetwork, and MOTD has been changed
    • Factions GUI removed
    • Pigman spawner sell sign in /warp shop was broken and sold Enderman instead? This sign has been fixed and now properly sells Pigman
    • Spawners of the same type of mob now stack in your inventory and chests
    • Obsidian can no longer be creeper egg'd
    • [Accept] button when clicking to ally now works properly
    • /ftop now properly counts blocks in chests, and shows the individual breakdown of all the spawners in each faction
    • If you use /fix on a item that does not need to be repaired, it no longer counts against your cooldown
    • Fixed bug where the Auction House was calling real spawners (dropped from Boss mobs) fake
    • Paragon Shop added
    • /f warp fixed
    Prison 1/2/3
    • ChestShop signs on top of chests now work in plots
    • Omnitool Renames were missing on the store. Added
    • Omnitools did not properly change to an axe when mining wooden stairs, slabs, and fences. Fixed
    • /rankup is now disabled in combat
    Prison 1
    • Buycraft store added
    • /etshop Buy <X> has been added for Enchants and Backpacks
    • /droptool now works for Backpacks
    • Laser added
    Prison 2/3
    • Bar prices have been corrected
    • Bar/Slots/Wheel now properly use E-Tokens
    • Corrected a hologram stating your GKits will reset when you prestige - they don't
    • Filter for /omnirename added to block racist words
    • Omnitools with a specific tier sometimes had incorrect color codes. Fixed
    • ID for E-Tokens in /help was wrong. Changed to 378#1z4
    • Fixed wierd message where when you tried to use a /kit rank on cooldown, it'd say that you don't have permission: https://i.gyazo.com/d797bfe3206491795817674b8c4f31c6.png
    • If you right clicked on a gold block in the Hero mine, you could salvage your Omnitool with mcMMO (which is not what you want to do!). Salvage has been disabled for diamond pickaxes
    • Hologram at /warp casino showed the E-Token *and* money symbol. The money symbol has been removed, since gambling is for E-Tokens
    • Fixed bug where the Inventory Full message did not always appear, or appeared more than once
    • Fixed bug where you would not be teleported to the mine warp when it reset causing you to suffocate and die
    • Various changes to the /shop
    • When you use /<mine>, and you are near the Left or Right mines, you will now teleport to the Left or Right sell signs instead of the middle. This makes mining on the Left/Right mines more efficient.
    Skyblock 1/2
    • Sea Lanterns have been added to the /shop
    Skyblock 2
    • /shop had Armor Stands in both the Decoration and Armor categories at different prices. It has been removed from Armor and kept in Decoration
    • Fixed bug where parkour would cancel on 1.9/1.10 clients
    • Lag issue with Anti-xray on bad computers is fixed
  2. Cewl :c
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