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Hey guys, I’m here with some good news to all the ones that has been asking staff how to submit a Staff Application! Some of you might know that we used Skype for a little bit to apply to, but as from today of, we changed it so you can apply on the forums! You can be voted up by your friends, but you can also be voted down - player votes won’t have anything to say by the way, since there will be admin votes as well! If you get 4 admin votes, it will mean that you’re accepted.

The requirements will be shown on top of the applications, but I’ll list them here as well;
  • You need Skype and Teamspeak, and we’d prefer you have a microphone
  • Write an application of 300 words minimum, any shorter and it will not be looked at
  • You can’t have any punishments (mutes/bans) in the last 30 days, warnings do not count
  • You need to be mature; any kind of toxic behavior is not acceptable
  • Be truthful in your application; do not lie about anything (ex. your age, name, etc.)
  • Do not copy anyone else’s application, this will be auto denied and you won’t be allowed to apply for staff again for 3 months
  • Do not tell your friends or staff to up vote you, we'll deny you if so

The link to the new Application system will be under Applications on the Forums, where you find both Staff Applications and Youtuber Applications, which looks like this;
Click on “Apply for Staff” to fill in the questions for us to see your application!
Here’s a link to it as well;...
Hey Heroes and Villains!

I am pleased to announce that the old prison multipliers purchased before this reset will be credited to player's accounts. If you purchased multipliers on Prison 1, 2, or 3, they will be automatically added to your account. If you are currently online please relog. Most multipliers purchased from around 2015 will have to be reran manually by ME. Please make a purchase help with proof that you did indeed purchase multipliers before, or it will be instantly denied. Before doing this, make sure you have re-logged on Prison and are 100% positive that you have not received the multipliers. You will make this koala very sad if you make her waste time reading a purchase help, to later find out that your payment has already gone through. I personally go through every single purchase help, so please be patient if it takes a little bit to get back to you. Thank you!

P.S. Multipliers are capped at 20.0x

How to make a purchase help: Click the link below...

Much love,
Hi guys, as you all know our dearly Developer Coelho shouted that the OP Prison server will release soon, and since that a lot of questions has been coming in if it really is true or not. The answer is this post, so no need to wonder anymore - OP Prison is really resetting, and it’s amazing!

We have added a lot of new features, and here’s a little list
  • 1.11
  • Set Backpacks
  • Original Prison 1 Mines
  • Revolutionary Instance System
    • There are 2 Prisons, Prison1/2
    • Separate server for PrisonPlots
    • Same Economy, same money, same prestige, same everything
    • Less lag + more players!
  • Rebalanced Economy
    • More balanced and fair economy
    • Multipliers for Donators lowered
    • Donator mines lowered
    • Prices for rankup lowered
    • E-Token system changed back to Prison 1
    • Based on Prison 1
  • Enchantment rebuffed
    • Laser nerfed 2x
    • Based on Prison1
  • 0.1x Sell Sign Multiplier for every /prestige
    • You can also purchase them on the store!
  • McMMO
  • Casino Slots
  • Tutorial
  • PvP Arena + PvP Mine
  • /payet <player> <n> - Instantly send E-Tokens to another player
  • /ettop <page> - View the players with the top E-Tokens on the server
  • /rankup will now allow you to rankup multiple times if you have enough money
  • Potion Stacking
  • New Donator Kits
  • New /warps Menu
  • New Omnitool Tiers (40+!)
  • New ClearLag System
  • New Player Vaults System
  • New McMMO...
Hey Heroes and Villains

Arkham is bringing you guys Competitive Skyblock.
We feel that Skyblock is a very popular Game mode on Arkham Network so we want to elaborate on this.
Our goal with Competitive Skyblock is to make you guys feel like you are playing for a greater purpose, because who doesn't love playing a server for cash rewards. This being said, the rewards are as follows:

The Owner of the Top 10 Islands on the server get $100 Paypal or a $200 Gift Card.
The Owner of the Top 3 Islands on the server get $250 Paypal or $500 Gift Card.

(Top 3 island owners do not get both rewards)

Competitive Skyblock is pretty much that. A Skyblock where players compete with each other, to reach the top and earn the best rewards (also for bragging rights of course).

Server Changes:
1. This server resets once a month. Once the month is up, the top islands are recorded and the server is taken down for a short period of time to get ready for the reset. Rewards are given out manually, each month.
2. Islands are limited to only
2 players. Make sure to chose your friend wisely. We do not allow the use of any alts. (You will be banned from any future competitions if you try and abuse this rule. We will be watching.)
3. There will be
NO Iron Golem Spawners on this server.
4. There will be
NO Gkits on this server.
5. Max McMMO level is 500.
6. Paragon Shop is
7. This server is
NOT affected by the Buycraft sale.

Below is a thread showing everyone...
Skyblock Skyblock Updates
Hey Heroes and Villains,

We are about to release some gnarly updates for Skyblock!

The ability to create personal Chest Sell Signs, will be available for purchase. Purchasing this ability will allow a player to slap a sign on any chest, type [skysell] on the sign, and voila! Click the sign to sell any item in that chest (that is sellable in the Skyblock shop). Just think of this as a personal Sell-All sign.
This will be a donor feature: Available for specific global ranks, or a stand-alone ability.

Jobs are getting a complete revamp. The rewards, payout rates, and amounts are getting buffed, making jobs more worth it for players. Along with the Job upgrades, we will also be expanding the shard shop. You can purchase keys, potions, ect. Shards just became a lot more valuable!

/kit SkyKing (Flamingo kit) will now be receiving Auto Feed I on the helmet and Speed III on the boots.

These updates will be rolling out late tonight and into the morning. Everything should be live on the server by mid day tomorrow. Thanks everyone! Much love,
Alright Guys.
I am here to announce something HUGE that will change the face of the minecraft prison community.
Arkham Network is bringing you a new server called; McPrison.

What is McPrison you might ask?
McPrison is a stand alone prison server that Serayne and I have been working on together (with help from some og prison players). This prison is some next level poop guys. You will not be disappointed. It is a mix between the OP prison you guys see today, and the Old School type prisons that were popular from around 2 years ago that had Cells and Cell Blocks. There is NO flying anywhere on the map, and ranks range from A-Z. The prison economy is 100% made by hand and is designed to take a long time to reach rank Z. That being said, McPrison has a whole different Forums, Buycraft, Donor Ranks, and will have NO gkits. That's right folks. You cannot use any gkits on this new prison. Serayne and I feel that gkits are too overpowered and will ruin the fun.

There will be an NPC in the Arkham Hub which you will right click to connect to the server. You can also connect by using our hub's server selector (minecraft compass).

What are these new ranks? What will happen to Global Ranks?
McPrison has 4 purchasable donor ranks, and a rank you can receive for syncing your forums account called: Supporter. Purchasable Donor ranks are called: Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald. You will receive special in-game commands/abilities, daily kits, a special kit that can only be used once, and misc. items upon purchase. Now for Donor mines, they are run a bit differently on McPrison. In order to bridge the cap between donors and non donors we have come up with a new system for donor mines. Donor mines will only be accessible by using something called a Rank Key. Rank keys are obtainable by donors, by using a kit called; /kit [Rank]. [Rank] being Iron/Gold/Diamond/Emerald. For example if you are...​
Hey Heroes and Villains! ​

iKoalas here with a short update. It has been heavily requested that the rules be updated to current standards. I have taken the time to do so. Our staff team will only be punishing players for what is stated in the Server Rules thread. However, Rules are subject to change at any time, and punishments may vary. If this happens, I will update the Server Rules thread again. To view the full list of Server Rules and Punishments please visit:


Again, I updated these rules to help clarify punishments and reduce the amount of confusion between the staff and players. If you have any questions about these rule changes please feel free to contact me via: forums. Thank you for your time.
Global Gift Cards
Hey Heroes and Villains,​

iKoalas here to announce the addition of Gift Cards!
You can now purchase Gift Card codes, which can be used multiple times until the balance reaches 0. Upon purchase, the Gift Card code will be sent to your email (email you put in the transaction). These Gift Cards are currently redeemable only on the Arkham webstore. Gift Cards purchasable are listed below.

$10 Gift Card - 10 USD
$20 Gift Card - 20 USD
$50 Gift Card - 40 USD
$100 Gift Card - 75 USD
$250 Gift Card - 175 USD


As you can see, we have discounted the cost of the higher priced Gift Cards. For example; you know you will want to buy a lot of items from our store, buying the higher priced Gift Cards is a great way to save some money. For $175 of your money, you get $250 to spend on our store. Gift cards will work with any current sale as well. Gift cards do NOT expire, so feel free to spend at your leisure.
Thank you to everyone for your love and support! <3
Best wishes, ~ iKoalas
Hey guys, I've wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you guys about where ArkhamNetwork is headed and how much things have changed over the years and about ways we could potentially improve a lot of things.

Global Kits:

Global kits are completely outta control, players are getting way too many keys everyday and it's become such a huge problem that brand new reset servers are essentially being broken eco wise the second they go up. Now, I know this is my fault, I know I went too far with them. But it's time to fix them, I'm not exactly sure how to fix them but it needs to happen, they need to be nerfed. Whether that be the amount of keys, or making them 7 day coolI'm insecure or what.


Redman has permanently moved over to Skyblocky, he was not able to keep up with how fast paced Arkham is not to mention how difficult the codebase is. I have a lot of wants and desires for Arkham, I want it to grow back to where it used to be and everything but it just seems impossible at this point due to the fact that no developers in the entire Minecraft community can handle how complicated and difficult Arkham is due to my ridiculously high standards for polish and extremely well done game servers.

Arkhams Codebase:

Arkhams codebase is using Nashorn intrepreted Javascript. Coelho did this in an effort to make things more efficient and easier to code and it definitely accomplishes this, the issue is that I can't find anybody else in the Minecraft community that's worth hiring to be able to keep up with Arkham and it's demand to release content daily or at the very least weekly.

My feelings towards Arkham:

I'm completely burned out on Arkham guys, it's just so much work and super depressing, I don't want to lie to you guys. I would LOVE to see Arkham flourish and go hard like it did back in the day but it's just not the golden days of Minecraft anymore. These feelings are partly due to the fact that everytime I lay out a timeline and...
Hello Heroes and Villains!

I hope by now everyone has had their fair chance to get in on this otherwise it would of just been a waste of time.


You can enter here, use all entries to gain points and have yourself probably win.

Good luck to all!