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Hey guys, it's Serayne92 here with some updates for my bros.

Envoys are coming to Factions as well as Custom Enchants.

They'll both be there Jan 4th Wednesday by 5pm EST at the latest.

Creative is going to be having a reset with a TON of new content at Jan 10th 5pm EST. We will be keeping the current Creative world into the new server under a CreativeOld warp that will allow you to keep your old plots.
New features will include the following:

  • Schematic saving and selling to other players, as well as a store for premade schematics.
  • Skin contest happening every hour or so, judges will be players that aren't in the contest.
  • Roleplay quests that allow players to make their own actual game inside their plots that other players can join.
  • You will be able to start an actual family and have kids.
  • Minigames will be added into Creative itself such as Draw My Thing and Build Battle at a later date sometime in Feb.

Voting systems and the Paragon system are going to be completely updated and changed as well sometime in between servers.

Eco Survival will be coming to Arkham by Jan 30th 5pm EST.
Except some crazy custom armor models and stuff. 🙂

Our own custom built Hardcore RP Prison with guards and a Warden will be coming by Feb 28th 5pm EST.

Custom Arcade will be replacing all minigames by March 31st 5pm EST.
This will give rewards redeemable on the server of your choosing when you win or lose.
When players enter a game, they all vote on the minigame, map and game rules.

If you want to apply for staff, you need to add Serayne92 on Skype. My Skype name is below, you can also find a direct button on the forum homepage. If you give me some crap application you will be ignored and blocked, do NOT call me either.


Happy new year, Arkham is back.

Something I want you all to beware of is that Mojang has blacklisted Arkham for sure, the only way we're getting around this is by using a SRV exploit in the DNS to allow players to connect. It is very possible this could be patched soon and you will no longer be able to connect to ArkhamNetwork in the game client. When this happens you will HAVE to use SquidHQ. You can find SquidHQ below.
I promise you that this has no viruses or malicious account hacking software, it is completely clean and verified by a digital security certificate as well as business verified to be 110% secure.


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