Prison is almost here!

Hello Heroes and Villains,

Today is the day, we release to you a brand new revamped Prison gamemode that you can all surely enjoy. Within this gamemode, we worked on mainly optimisation and game-play features that will enhance and encourage you all to continue grinding. Of course, everything that is added in this new update will be listed on this thread here so you will not be short of any answers you may be seeking.


Spoiler: Features

So, now the features are out of the way let’s throw the changelog into here along with our fixes! Please be aware, all of these were tested in development and we may of missed some things out whilst testing so if you guys find any problems with anything on this thread please report them instantly to the Bug Reports section. Thank you!


Spoiler: Changelog

Thanks for reading and we'll see you in Prison.
Kindest Regards,
ArkhamNetwork Administration


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