Arkham Christmas Rewards

Hey guys! KoalaSantaFatMan here with some good news and free stuff!

Start off with a few things that are gonna happen.

  • We are going to reset bans, chargeback kids will not be unbanned.
  • This is no Christmas sale because it's already 85% off, it's already super discounted, if I discount it anymore I'd be giving it away for free.
  • I am giving out a $10 voucher to EVERYBODY on Christmas, this voucher also counts as $10 off anything you have in your cart so you can get $10 off anything in the store!
  • @Redman Cometh is our new lead Developer, welcome him, he's already done Prison and Skyblock.
  • New Koala Gkit will be in the store, this gkit will consist of admin items made by all the staff and be consistently updated with new admin items as well as old ones removed. It is very possible to get something incredibly rare from this crate, any items earned from this crate will be kept permanently using the /koalaitem command. You will be able to spawn ONE item of each item per reset.
  • I am also giving out a free coupon for Vindicator that you will receive in your email.

The voucher will be sent out by mass email on the forums.
A lot of things are going to be improving over the next month since we have a developer that actually does things now.
We do have a list of people that will NOT be unbanned, those are the kids nobody likes.

As always, I love all of you.

Much love and merry christmas from KoalaSantaFatMan <3

<3 <3


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