Think again.

Hey Heroes and Villains,
I am here to talk to you about a situation that has been frightening Arkham players for quite some time now. Players have come to me personally about how they believe Arkham is dying and wondering why so many players are leaving. They talk to me about many things, but mostly about the playercount and why it is lower than usual.

There are many reasons for this. Mojang's EULA, School, lack of server resets, updates, ect. If you look at other minecraft servers, you can see the drop in players as well. It is not just us. Nevertheless, I am here to reassure you that we are trying very hard to improve the gameplay and experience for our players. Serayne92 has big plans for Arkham in regards to new content, server resets, and overall performance and cosmetic appeal. New players join everyday, and old players leave. It's a cycle. Stick with us, and we won't let you down! So stay tuned for massive new updates coming soon to end off the 2016 year, and even more to come in 2017.

Thank you all for your help and support.


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