Skyblock Is Here!

Hello Heroes and Villains!

Today, we proudly release an announcement of one of our most popular gamemodes, Skyblock. I’m here to explain what is within this gamemode and when this will release.

To start with, here are the newer features that we have brought to our new Skyblock:

Spoiler: FAQ

List of newer features: (More will come after this release!)

  • Withdrawable EXP
  • Island Shards (New Economy)
  • New Hopper Limit
  • Lucky Crates
  • Tiered Spawners
  • Jobs
  • Sell Multipliers
  • Larger Islands (249×249)
  • Payable Credits
  • Larger Hopper Limit (2,000)
  • New block values

So, now that all the new features are out of the way.. This release will be on the 29th of November 2016. This gamemode will replace both Skyblock1 and Skyblock2.

Kindest Regards,
ArkhamNetwork Administration


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