Plug.DJ OG Event! US & AUS



Hey Heroes & Villains,

SkillsAura here to announce the newest Plug.DJ Event coming up!

on November 25th (11/25/16), at 3:00PM EST, we will be hosting the United States "OG Song Event"! This will be open to anybody to join. it will end at 7:00PM EST, but may be extended if needed. There will also be another event for Australian people. This will be on November 25th (11/25/16), at 4:00PM AEST, and should end at 8:00PM AEST.
** NOTE **
The AUS event is over now The next event is @ 3;00PM EST, for the US event!


  • You must follow all current Plug.DJ rules
  • Voting "Meh" does nothing. We will not skip for that.
  • ONLY songs that were officially published from 2009/lower will be allowed. during this event. Failure to do so will result in a skip. If done multiple times, you will be punished accordingly.
  • Do not create alternate accounts to play songs, for a better chance of winning this event. You will be automatically disqualified.


  • Resident.DJ on our Plug.DJ
  • Active $10 voucher for the ArkhamNetwork Buycraft Website (Click)

Wanna join our Plug.DJ? Or do you want to get your playlist ready? Connect to our Plug.DJ! (Click)

If you have any questions, please comment below!
Thanks, guys
~ SkillsAura / ArkhamBot


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