Factions Is Here!

Hey Heroes and Villains!

We are finally announcing the long awaited reset for factions!
The development team worked really hard to provide you guys with some really cool and brand new features. I don't want to spill all the beans but I'll go ahead and give you guys a list of some of the cool new stuff we have in store, for those that are listed and show "File Corrupted" It means we aren't releasing what they are for you until the server goes up, so there is at least a tiny bit of hype for you all to wait for šŸ˜‰

New Map!

Spoiler: Open Me!


Spoiler: KOTHs

Factions Top

Spoiler: Factions Top


Spoiler: Bounties

Boss eggs

Spoiler: Boss eggs

Upgradable Spawners

Spoiler: Upgradable Spawners


Spoiler: Envoys

Custom Enchants

Spoiler: Custom Enchants

End World

Spoiler: End World

Command Potions

Spoiler: Command Potions

New McMMo Cap

Spoiler: McMMo Cap

World borders

Spoiler: World Borders

Power boost + Boosters

Spoiler: Power boost + Boosters

All these new features and a lot more awaits you on Saturday, 26st of Novemeber. Make sure you're ready to jump in the jungle, and get to the top.

Spoiler: Credits!

Kindest Regards,
ArkhamNetwork Administration


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