Teamspeak – Karaoke Event #2

Hello fellow singers, Heroes & Villains!

I'm here to announce another Karaoke Event on Teamspeak upcoming on Saturday 8th, October 2016 @ 7PM GMT+1

I'll be handing out a $20 ArkhamNetwork Store Voucher to the best singer/rapper in the event, Judged by @Jaii & @Aatronx

The Teamspeak will be moderated by our staff team and we expect you to be on your best behaviour 😉
Everyone that will want to sing will have to agree to being recorded, You'll be put up on my channel HERE afterwards if you manage to impress myself and Aatronx. Singers will also be picking the songs for themselves, however if its something that sounds completely trash or hurts others hearing it'll be turned off 😉

I'll alert 30minutes before the Event on our Network, so don't be worried about missing out.

Teamspeak Download:

Teamspeak IP:

I'll see you there 😉


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